the whole Space-ground dialogue that the J-10 fighter plane forced to land was open

CCTV "news room" broadcast March 23, "Li Feng: 104 second emergency landing," Record the following for the show:

Li feng

(Li xiaomeng:a director of CCTV)
Li xiaomeng: Welcome to the "news room." 104 seconds is not long in our present life which is also short to almost negligible, and 104 seconds when the relations are a huge amount of state property, relations are a lot of people, as well as their own lives when they become a long and valuable . Li Feng Premium Air Force pilots at the recent experience of 104 on the second moment of this life and death, and Li Feng, safe and sound today, but also with the honor came to my side, welcomed Li Feng. Are pilots very shy?
Li Feng: not shy, we do not shy when flying.
Li xiaomeng: 104 seconds because of the safe landing, you get what kind of honor?
Li Feng: I am successful because of the disposal of the air engine parking security forced to land, the Air Force I can not remember the party committee decided to give a first, and granted me the Air Force pilots honor Gold Medal.
Li xiaomeng: Are you very excited at the monment of you getting the honor?
Li Feng: I feel very proud at that time, the actual This is I should do.
Li xiaomeng: This should be said that is a great thriller, saved the day, when this thing last night how you been?
Li Feng: I deal with at that time, I also think, and I dispose of this successful forced landing, but also probably has a lot of us behind the special circumstances for disposal, as well as air forced landing of these data, the preservation of a valuable data, but also for our Air Force for construction, is also a a valuable asset, so that I slip on the air made an emergency landing at carding carding.
Li xiaomeng: Writing on the evening that day summed up, did not say that the shock of these, for the People's Liberation Army do not have this problem in terms of is it?
Li Feng: I should not be, because at that time at my disposal when the air is also little nervous.
Li xiaomeng: If there is a quantity that time the pulse of the apparatus, you feel that your heart will skip to what?
Li Feng: I think probably want faster than usual, does not mean that the number of quick, I would probably want some quick, this is special circumstances people encounter some reactions are instinctive.
Li xiaomeng: Your very good implementation of this mission, from the failure to a safe emergency landing nine minutes, the key 104 seconds are really referring to the engine to quit to a safe landing of 104 seconds.
Li Feng: That's right.
Li xiaomeng: We have now got a very precious at the time when the implementation of the mandate of the open space Li Feng dialogue, listen to us first when they said what the whole thing is, how to start to listen to.
Play the open space dialogue
Li Feng: Well ready.
Commander: immediate take-off.
Li Feng: understand.
Commanders: the attention of good ground.
Li Feng: ready exit.
Commander: What are the reasons?
Li Feng: Just now the engine has a lower turn signal.
Commander: You can quit.
Li Feng: understand.
Commander: good equipment to check. Watch the screen are normal, right?
Li Feng: normal now.
Commander: understand.
Commander: distance, height.
Li Feng: It is now the distance 54, a high degree of 4500.
Commander: a high degree of 5500, right?
Li Feng: 4500.
Commander: understand that you maintain a speed of 85, I give you a large plane opening tune.
Li Feng: understand.
Commander: good equipment to check.
Li Feng: It is now the engine is normal.
Commander: understand.
Li Feng: first large aircraft to the tune to open it.
Commander: The plane has been transferred opened, you can return to normal.
Li Feng: understand.
【Studio interview】
Li xiaomeng: From dialogue to listen to the open space. What to do when the action found the fault?
Li Feng: on us to do, you give me a plane like strokes.
Li xiaomeng: This is driving at the time you J-10.
Li Feng: Yes, in the combination of tactical action to do when at me to do, then rose rapidly to do, I found an enemy in this place, I brought up this time, we point to the enemy, in this process Medium rise, near the time to speed on the headset quite see there is a warning sound of three, when the lights flash on the lower, the flash of 34 seconds on the out, I was aware of this engine failure there is probably just my turn at process, just at the airport, in front of me, homeopathy, the use of more than a faster growth rate, rose to a high degree of 4500, this time the airport look.
Li xiaomeng: At that time you have been up to the 4500 high are at the ready to do.
Li Feng: That's right.
Li xiaomeng: Since a high degree the higher the time you win more.
Li: Yes, I won more time for me to win a forced landing behind the successful disposal of valuable time.
Li xiaomeng: that in the event of failure are almost at the same time, at their own judgments, to do action, together with the contact center.
Li Feng: That's right.
Li xiaomeng: but when the engine is not only a feeling you have questions, but also want to stop.
Li: At that time, my sense of the engine to stop, because the throttle closed up after checking a variety of engine parameters are normal at this normal circumstances, I judge it may also be failure, so I quickly returned to the market on the timely reporting, rapid return to market, then adjust my speed is around 550, in that it can maintain the speed, I try the speed of larger fight to come back as soon as possible.
Li xiaomeng: the air was forced to land on the conditions you are satisfied?
Li Feng: Since I was reporting, the air because our route is still relatively complex, there is the Civil Aviation through the plane from above us, if the drop height on the possible route through to the big plane caused by dangerous, so the tower has been put on to make civil aviation tune plane open contact with air traffic control department, which is decisive to make the disposal of command.
Li xiaomeng: We will then listen to the dialogue was recorded.
Play the open space dialogue
Commander: a high degree of decline not to fast, the plane has been transferred to you opened, you prepare from the normal direction, add landings landing routes.
Li Feng: understand.
Commander: Strengthening the inspection.
Commander: oil pressure there is no swing.
Li Feng: normal.
Commander: Fine.
Commander: distance.
Li Feng: It is now the distance 30, a high degree of 3500.
Commander: understand.
Commander: normal now吗?
Li Feng: Yes, now normal. Of.
Commander: OK, now maintain a high level of 1400, not to decrease the high early, and maintain a high degree of pass field 1400.
Li Feng: understand. It is now 1400.
Commander: understand.
Commanders: It is now the number of kilometers?
Li Feng: It is now seven kilometers.
Commander: OK, see the runway now?
Li Feng: see, I turn down the bright lights again.
Commander: lights on, right?
Li Feng: That's right.
Commander: That you speed smaller.
Li Feng: my speed is now 85.
Commander: OK, understand that the late release of landing gear.
Li Feng: understand.
【Studio interview】
Li xiaomeng: I heard during this dialogue there are normal right now, you said that was normal, everything are back to normal it?
Li: At that time, the engine parameters are normal, but this time also should not be taken lightly, the engine is likely to occur at any time such a signal, including parking.
Li xiaomeng: then what kind of signals are said true engine stopped?
Li Feng: I was 6 kilometers from the airport when the 6-7 km of the time, this time to drop table signal again, when the headset report to check the engine parameters, have the temperature, including the speed of all changes, this time landing route add , near the anti-landing of course, when the engine suddenly stop.
Li xiaomeng: Engine stop sitting inside the cab to see what picture?
Li Feng: at the time the engine was inside the cockpit, first heard the voices start the engine are reduced, followed by speed started to decline, as well as the lights flash at, including stopping at lights and warning lights flash, a lot of red lights are flashing. At that time, tell the truth, a voice suddenly reduced, including the cockpit also took a two cigarette, probably the engine through our environmental control system exhaust appeared at that time judgments are indeed stopping the engine, followed by various cockpit display data on the disappearance of , and then followed on the radio interrupted.
Li xiaomeng: that moment is like a broken string, like a kite.
Li Feng: can not say that line like a kite, like a not to rely on the people, I feel very lonely, there is no tower of people, this time on my own initiative to maintain good status, then the relationship between optimistic about the runway location, to rely on at the loss of data under the , in accordance with our previous studies, as well as we fly by the forced landing of a number of ways to add timely landing routes, in accordance with the visual, I judge, said at the time that the truth, are judged only have this confidence, there was no runway at the former, I have only Say which places sport plane, as can be very safe to enter the runway, is also an unknown.
Li xiaomeng: engine stopped when the height of the ground plane distance is the number?
Li: At that time, when the engine stopped, at approximately 1160 meters high.
Li xiaomeng: are not there is within 2000 meters height at the pilot bailed out of the can?
Li Feng: Code of Practice on our driving is so written that if the air 2000 meters or 2000 meters car parking did not succeed, we can select parachuting.
Li xiaomeng: there is such a code, also in the cab of a small space, but also smoke at a red light flash, but also the loss of contact and command center, I think that should be said that the instinctive reaction to escape from this dangerous environment.
Li Feng: I think this happens every pilot is not the first thought of parachuting, but think, first of all, because our pilot with the plane has feelings are, first of all, how are the preservation of this aircraft, at that time did not think too much .
Li Feng: I used to fly only with analog machines, as well as our calculation of our forces in the calculation of air-slip simulation data, I have some experience, have successfully made an emergency landing at me before we made an emergency landing over the analog air slide , these images are to control plane.
Li xiaomeng: for instance, found dangerous, there would be no thought of parachuting, but in fact the earliest example, from discovery after failure there will be no thought of parachuting, but in fact issued the command center so that he bailed out of order, let's come and listen to the dialogue at that time.
Play ground-to-air dialogue
Commanders: the ups and downs can now add the route.
Li Feng: OK.
Commander: route not to too much, after 3 turns to add a landing gear.
Li Feng: understand.
Commander: 85 can be maintained by you?
Li Feng: Yes, understand.
Li Feng: to enter the fairway on the parking.
Commander: Parking on the right?
Li Feng: That's right.
Commander: you try to open a car dealers will not do.
Commanders: It is now how to?
Commander: ready jump bar.
Commanders: It is now how to?
Li Feng: I would like to try it.
Commander: Fine.
Commanders: on is yet? Start caving gear at emergency landing sites.
Li Feng: Yes, look at me.
【Studio interview】
Li xiaomeng: I have here a dialogue when they were the written records, a commander at the front are Li Feng 1, Li Feng, a commander of one, but here are three commanders, said Li Feng before even answer, command Rapporteur said that now how to, there is no response, said the jump bar ready, there is no response, the commander asked, and now how to, and then Li Feng is very uniform speed, I try it again.
Li Feng: Yes, at the time of communication interruption.
Li xiaomeng: Although you from start to finish should put it back, but you do not have to design a bottom line, what kind of high do not have the chance of parachuting.
Li Feng: This is me doing a good job of preparation, the bottom line for me is to grasp is that I am in the process of manipulation, on the one hand to manipulate the plane, I would not have bailed out, if the plane can not be manipulated, as we are talking about, like an iron quickly, it just like the fate of free-falling. Impossible to control the circumstances, the only option at this time can only go parachuting.
Li xiaomeng: communication interrupted at the time there is more than 20 seconds of time, if the communication does not always restore, then the final result will be the same吗?
Li Feng: Even if the radio did not reply, I still want to do my utmost to rescue the plane.
Li xiaomeng: well, we will listen with an emergency landing before and after the success of an exciting moment, the open space dialogue what they say.
Ground-to-air dialogue
Commanders: It is now no problem.
Li Feng: yes, I saw no problem.
Commander: Note the direction of ah.
Li Feng: understand.
Commander: Note the direction of a high drop point.
Li Feng: a deceleration.
Commander: a high drop point.
Li Feng: on the decline.
Commander: slightly with a little, and then with that inhabitants.
Commander: Note to check the speed.
Commander: Check the direction of release umbrella.
Commanders: It is now the umbrella can be put.
Commander: take an umbrella.
Commander: emergency pull, pull in the end. Emergency pull off an umbrella.
Commander: turn off the attention of EPU, now the speed of a small point, in the end pull.
Li Feng: Well.
Commanders: It is now pulling in the end. How to speed now?
Li Feng: It is now stopped.
Commander: Very good, turn off the attention of the EPU, throttle Receive parking spaces.
Li Feng: It is now the vehicle.
Commander: OK, put throttle Receive parking spaces.
【Studio interview】
Li xiaomeng: finally listen to the commanders of the emotional, right, in front of him are very stable, in the end when he said well, at that time a high pitch again.
Li Feng: That's right.
Li xiaomeng: the forced landing of the moment, what are the most difficult?
Li Feng: We made an emergency landing at the course, landing movements, especially the loss of power after the plane under the angle of depression on the relatively large, and are the normal 3-4 degrees under the angle of depression, this time if the landing is probably 15-25 Is this the point of view. Since this decline are relatively quick, so I want the landing behind the degree to pull together ahead of time, back in the second opening into the runway when the operation for me is also a key point.
Li xiaomeng: The first landing of the plane which are part of it? Are in front of it?
Li Feng: landing are two points even if it is normal trend.
Li xiaomeng: normal is so down with.
Li Feng: Yes, the basic posture is the normal case.
Li xiaomeng: touch the ground to stop this short of time and what happened?
Feng Li: Earthing was after me in accordance with the regulations, release parachute deceleration, braking, deceleration parachute this time did not come out, the brake also does not work, this time I slam the brakes on the immediate use should be in the commander's direction, the pull should slam the brakes, followed on to see the nose, our nose on the plane go on, go get on the ground slowly on, and this time I know that before the landing gear did not put away, there is no fixed housing, a down on the next. If this is the time to maintain good direction, the aircraft may yaw, sideslip immediately changed, probably on the plane flipped, which may cause possible after landing relatively dangerous.
Li xiaomeng: We have seen a movie inside, if that is the case, friction fire, this will happen.
Li Feng: right, so the direction was to maintain relatively good, relatively quick deceleration, when more than 1 thousand four hundred meters stopped taxiing on the runway. At that time, I think I want to leave the plane quickly, I fear, plane on fire this phenomenon, one can see after my landing, along with ground support personnel into the rush come on, they fire engines, fire trucks, including tractor immediately back. At that time, the plane parked on the runway, we have three real air plane landed NOT, at this time of our first thought is to say, how to shift the plane go out, put me in a forced landing, the plane at up to pick some of the fallout out, we spent approximately 10 minutes less than time.
Li xiaomeng: In fact, in the process of landing or one stop or process, has not ended.
Li Feng: Yes, at that time that the truth, the ground staff五六十individuals, the plane carrying our nose, followed by the introduction of go, go put the aircraft to launch, in order to protect the back of the plane landed safely, to do the job. Then there is a packet of a U.S. umbrella, and then fighting with bottles, because our well-established normal training, very quickly at the time they go out plane shift, and run around with fire extinguishers, fire immediately after landing.
Li xiaomeng: Each person is put disregard the status of life and death, not only are you.
Li Feng: right, so I feel our collective spirit of a team are worthy of our respect.
Li xiaomeng: Just now you said that at about the course, you say that I am very lucky you are, in this case the thing such a process, such a result, what kind of lucky to account for the ratio of proportion?
Li Feng: I am fortunate to say the truth, my mind is the Air Force 1.
Li xiaomeng: Do you think this thing lucky, lucky escape is not safe?
Li Feng: That's right.
Li xiaomeng: Why?
Li Feng: lucky me because I was an Air Force, and fortunately I was able to save us a plane, this is my more fortunate.
Li xiaomeng: to be able to successfully come back, could you Let me tell you the feeling of impulse is?
Li Feng: Actual my impulse is to say, I love the blue sky, I like flying, I was as a pilot, me too for our pilots are proud of this cause.
Li xiaomeng: well, congratulations to you.
Li Feng: Thank you.

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