U.S. Think Tank Claimed That The Chinese Equipment In The Aircraft Carrier Catapult 6 Programs

China's development of power projection capabilities by controlling the main objectives of the Western Pacific, the protection of China's economic interests. However, China's move is also intended to deal with the United States naval forces in the region, and as countries such as Iran and Pakistan alliance.

Japan Earthquake Tsunami, Japan Tsunami Map

Sudden earthquake, the Japanese archipelago crazy. Local time 14:46, the Northeast coast of Sanriku 8.8 earthquake occurred, followed by the 3:24, another strong aftershock occurred 7.4. Japan Meteorological Agency immediately issued a tsunami warning.

Latest Photos Of J-20 Fighter - Details Clearly Visible

Rare photos of J-20 stealth fighter, perfect appearance of slide ammunition storage and main ammunition storage, lol

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Varyag Can Be Served Early This Year

Twice sea trials within one month, only a nine-day rest during the period, it indicated that there has no problem of ship engineering and technical problems for the aircraft carrier, the aircraft carrier will be searved soon

German Leopard II Tank Appeared On a Highway In Chengdu, China

Recently, a German Leopard II tank appeared on a highway in Chengdu, China. Federal Republic of Germany in the 1970s developed main battle tank.


The Nobel Prize jury intended to cling Chinese Literary Market

The Swedish Academy announced on October 11, the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to Chinese writer Mo Yan. Mo Yan became the first ever Chinese writer won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Famous critic Bai Ye received the Phoenix culture reporter had an exclusive dialogue, the following dialogue Record:

Chinese writer Mo Yan won the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature

First of all congratulations. After all, It is the first time to win the prize for Chinese in 100 years. But accident being in reasonable within. The so-called unexpected is to feel the awareness and perceptions of the world of Chinese literature should still take some time. Sense of feel, our writers eligibility indeed enough. Mo Yan's award-winning, I think it does illustrate the point, may Nobel evaluation criteria in the occurrence of some changes slightly. The original is more demanding political stance independent writers and writers critical of the political system. Of course, it is possible in recent years is also subject to the dramatic expansion of the Chinese market, the Nobel judges perhaps also difficult not to some extent, even clings to the Chinese literary market, as it has been difficult to ignore.

But one thing is clear, is never divorced from politics literature. Variety of political and literary. Of course, if the Nobel Prize in basic literary standards under the premise of the Chinese Writers and political factors have a more tolerant attitude, then, is a good thing.

As for Chinese writers how to do closer to the Western world's standard of value, so that works accepted in the international market, on the one hand is a description of some of the more common human emotional, rather than confined to our own political order. This requires from the language and narrative aspects adjustment. Related to the problem of what to write and how to write. On the other hand, is the propaganda works to increase the foster require Writers Association, all relevant government departments. Recommended to change the way the capital investment, to the well-known international book market, book exhibitions start. Of course, there are pay big bucks translator-class.

Mo Yan Red Sorghum

As for the existing political conditions, will writers writing bondage. This is not like the thought of so serious. In any country, freedom is relative. In China, it can be said that the room for as long as you do not involve aspects of the national leaders, ethnic, religious, and so, in fact, can be creative is still very large, it also needs a writer's clever.

So this is the the Mo Yan winning the largest sense is that the Nobel certain extent relaxed the political dimension of his selection of works. We are now first-class writer and a world-class writer is the ability to emulate the two guarantee, take in the next few years, whether there will be a Chinese Writers Awards, I do not think this possibility is not.

Mo Yan Frog

Although awarded the Nobel is far from the only literature direction and reference, but let a few more opportunities for dialogue and a world-class writer is also a very advanced thing.

As for our domestic awards, I think is not good to say the ratio is not very good. The literary awards institutionalized colors is quite obvious. So now also in urgent need of support to build a private, need Foundation, for the purpose of the award to encourage Chinese literature, but it is certainly not one or two people can do, and there is not just a question of money. There are a lot of embarrassing.


An adult dolphin carried with his little dead child on back swiming to the deep sea (Pictures)

July 13, a post entitled entitled "Rare touching scene of dolphin - let's go home, my child! " appeared on the Chinese website of southern morning paper. It said that an adult dolphin carries with a little dead dolphin on back swiming to the deep sea, many times, the little dolphin slid from the back of the adult, but the adult dolphin stubbornly persists in spite of the safety.

"My child,
Whether you are alive or dead
I will never abandon you
No matter the wide sea, the great wave, and danger
I'll take you back home, back home!

People found a 3 meters long adult dolphin is carrying a 1.5 m long little dolphin on back swimming difficultly to the deep sea. When the boat slowly neared, people found that the little dolphin has been died, there's a about 30 cm of wound  in the exposed abdomen and the blood has become black. the adult dolphin carried it on back quickly swaing to the deep. Because of the great waves, the little dolphin slid from the adult dolphin's back for five time in the 3 minutes, but every time the adult dolphin turned back and submerged, then carried the little dolphin went on even if the boat was closing to them...

An old boatman who lives near the beach for 60 years said that: 'I've heard of the story of the dolphin rescuing mankind, but I saw for oneself for the first time that dolphin would never betray his kin'. People were not willing to go to disturb them and looked after they swimming to the deep sea. The boat returned slowly,  the tourists havd no excitement before.

The touching scene in Sanniang Bay of Qinzhou, China.


J-20's avionics is similar to F-22 fighter for the requirement of stealth

Chinese MilitaryJ-20's fighter avionics is comparable with F 22's

A a group of pictures of Chinese Y 8 electronic test aircraft exposed in some Chinese military websites recently. Two strange wings appears at the bottom of the front of the aircraft, some people said that its airborne flaps radar, others said that its integrated electronic system. After preliminary analysis, combined with foreign aircraft photos, we speculated that the two wings may be the test facility of Chinese domestic CNI system, it is another proof that China's fourth-generation stealth aircraft integrated avionics systems.

From the related pictures of Y-8 avionics test aircraft, the airborne CNI system is maybe related to F-22 ICNI even the system installation and are installed inside the wings.

F-22 fighter is the first one with CNI system in the world.

F-22 fighter's CNI system

The CNI system layout speculation of J 20 fighter.


Really a copy? China's another mysterious fifth generation fighter exposed its true form

Chinese MilitaryIn the beginning period of J-20 flight test, the Chinese military media had exposed the another stealth fighter developed by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC). Compared to J-20 fighter, this type of fighter is smaller in size and its aerodynamic layout is much more conservative.

Recently another photo of this type of China's fifth generation fighter exposed, This photo was taken on the other side of the truck different from the ones that released some time ago, the shape of the fighter's belly is obvious similar to F-35 fighter

China's fifth generation fighter

F-35 fighter

SAC mysterious fighter vs F-35 fighter

SAC mysterious fighter vs F-35 fighter

Lovely Vietnamese female soldiers

Chinese MilitaryVietnamese female soldiers,how Lovely and Coquettish! 

Vietnamese female soldiers

Vietnamese military

Vietnamese women soldiers

Vietnamese female soldiers


Alarming construction speed of 054A missile frigate

Chinese MilitaryA Chinese domestic Type 054A frigate successfully launched recently in a shipyard in Shanghai, Mid-May this year there has been a Type 054A missile frigate launched in a shipyard in Guangzhou, whichh shows that Construction speed of this model frigate is very quick. Currently there are more than 10 ships of the same model ship service in the Chinese Navy.

Type 054A missile frigate launching  

Type 054A missile frigates

Type 054A missile frigates

China has never given up using of force to resolve the Diaoyu Islands issue

Chinese MilitaryJapanese Prime Minister openly declared at the point of July 7, the sensitive time of on Sino-Japanese relations  Japan's Government will conduct a comprehensive study on "to purchase the Diaoyu Islands" and "to achieve the Diaoyu Islands nationalization ". This day is precisely the 75 anniversary of the beginning of full-scale invasion during World War II Japan - Marco Polo Bridge Incident. As soon as Japanese Prime Minister's remark, Chinese Foreign Ministry and local authorities in Taiwan to be a tough response that will never allow anyone dealing the Chinese territory. Chinese military experts also said that Japan's "to purchase the islands" is not a farce, but a well-planned "seize the islands, Chinese military will not allow the behavior of "to purchase the Diaoyu Islands" to succeed.

Major General Yin Zhuo

Diaoyu Islands is in fact one is located in Fujian, China, due east, the islands with a total area of ​​approximately 6.5 square kilometers in the East China Sea northeast of Taiwan. In addition to the largest area of ​​the Diaoyu Islands, including the tail Island, Akao, South Island, North Island and a few rocks. The Diaoyu Islands are the first discovered and named by the Chinese, from the mid-16th century began, the Diaoyu Islands will be included in the Haiphong area of ​​Fujian, China. For Chinese scholars, the public and even the world most people, sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands belong to China, has long been no objection.

Professor Liang Fang of China's National Defense University Strategic Research Department, Colonel (female) in an interview with reporters, and details of the Diaoyu Islands, "life experience".

Liang Fang said: "and found that as early as 1373, the first to reach the Diaoyu Islands Diaoyu Islands, the discoverer is a Jiao Yang as set during the Ming Dynasty China; first appeared in the place names of the Diaoyu Islands in the Ming Dynasty Yongle one called" wind sent sailing guide book which the Diaoyu Islands has been very famous traditional Chinese fishing fishing grounds, and since then until now, without any objection from a historical comparison, in fact, than in Japan found that the Diaoyu Islands and realization of the Diaoyu Islands the jurisdiction of up to 500 years, we have very solid evidence. "

So, why Japan is still lurking around the Diaoyu Islands, the current also accelerated the action of "seize the island? Back in April this year, the initiator of the "Share island farce - Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara in order to show to pressure the Japanese government to compel him to speak out on the Diaoyu Islands issue. Today, Japanese Prime Minister starred farce protagonist, Ishihara accused the Diaoyu Islands "and earn popularity," insisted the purchase should be Tokyo.

Chinese naval fleet in East China Sea military exercises

Liang Fang believes that the "farce" and three false positives from the Japanese Government on the current situation. Liang Fang said: "It is actually based on several considerations: First, consider that China is now the strategic opportunities, the '18 'to be held this year, there will be no major moves, I do the excessive action of the Diaoyu Islands, you can not how to kind of error in judgment. second point, the eastward shift of the U.S. Asia-Pacific strategy, there will be a great support in Japan. We know that in 2010 when the collision occurred in the Sino-Japanese, the United States did not intervene in the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands dispute, will now be under the Japan-US Security Treaty, "defense on the Diaoyu Islands, this treaty has a role in fueling Japan grab the Diaoyu Islands. Third, Japan Shintaro Ishihara, the main right-wing, to set up a new party, he needs to rally . "

Japan "Share island" speech, many Chinese scholars believe that this is not only absurd, but also contrary to previous consensus reached by leaders of both countries, will further reduce the policy space between the two countries on the Diaoyu Islands issue, to the already complex The situation became more severe. Professor Liang Fang colonel of the Chinese National Defense University Strategic Research Department, stressed that China must be vigilant in Japan the "carefully planned", and from individual behavior to rise to acts of state action to seize the island.

Liang Fang said: "The the Noda government are thinking through government action to close to the island state, once the state to take possession of this island, it will do a lot of action, there may be above the garrison, which for us is a very big challenge, because the garrison sovereignty quiet the most powerful action, so that government involvement in this matter, I think this matter is very large. regardless of individual behavior and government behavior, and China must be severe, the attitude is very firmly destroyed, this behavior can not make it such an act to succeed behind the emergence of a series of consequences, if the excitation of the deterioration of relations between China and Japan, a military confrontation between China and Japan, all for all the consequences should come from Japan bear. "

Noda remarks a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin, the first time to reiterate: The Chinese Government will continue to take the necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands.

Liu Weimin, said: "Diaoyu Islands since ancient times China's inherent territory, and China has indisputable sovereignty over some politicians have repeatedly issued such words and deeds I want to not only harm the overall interests of Sino-Japanese bilateral relations, but also damage to Japan international image. "

"Share island" speech in Japanese, Chinese military analysts believe that the Japanese rightist regime, coupled with the domestic economy a long period of stagnation, and external factors need to find the transfer of domestic public dissatisfaction. In the opinion of the Government of Japan, compared to Russia has actual control of the four northern islands, Diaoyu Islands is relatively easy to intervene.

In this regard, the Experts Committee of the Chinese Navy Major General Yin Zhuo said that Japan's rapid economic development in China are extremely unbalanced, intended to use the internal contradictions of the Diaoyu Islands be passed on.

Yin Zhuo said: "Diaoyu Islands seize control of the period, and no one there is no actual control, in this case, the easiest of the Diaoyu Islands issue sizzling, then there is China's recent economic development is very good, Japan is in the heart imbalance state, especially in recent years, China's GDP to replace Japan to become the second in the world, Japan's third position in recent years with China the gap is growing, Japan has been that it is the boss of the Asia-Pacific region, Asia-Pacific region open, the most developed economies, while China more than in the past one hundred years of time within it have not seen such a situation, Japan has been felt very uneven. In this mentality, some China-unfriendly behavior, such as the phenomenon of the Diaoyu Islands issue this is intended to be political figures operate, relatively easy to mass acceptance. "

As a director of the Committee of Experts of the Chinese navy, Major General Yin Zhuo stressed that the so-called "Japan's actual control over the Diaoyu Islands" does not exist, and the Chinese fishery boats and ocean surveillance ship never stopped on the Diaoyu Islands territorial waters of the scope of normal patrol, China has been expulsion of the interference patrol vessels, and they quickly left the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Territorial Sea. Yin Zhuo also stressed that China has never claimed to give up the use of force to resolve the Diaoyu Islands issue, but also the determination and ability to maintain the sovereignty of good over the Diaoyu Islands.

Yin Zhuo said: "Of course the military we will not give up, because Japan is not the Self-Defense Force ships to solve the Diaoyu Islands issue, but if Japan is the courage to take some military action on the Diaoyu Islands, China as a sovereign nation, we have to take some military on defensive measures. So far, the two sides have not come this far in the military through our defensive strategy, we will not take the first step, but we in the implementation of the second step, we have firm determination, but also fully capable of maintaining sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands. "

The People's Liberation Army Major General also pointed out that in fact, both sides are aware, the Diaoyu Islands issue long-term solution, because the Diaoyu Islands has become the tool of the United States used to drive a wedge between the Sino-Japanese relations. He stressed that the intensification of the Diaoyu Islands issue, China and Japan do no good, will enable the deterioration of bilateral relations, the people took to the path of confrontation, and eventually the United States would "play off".


J-15 carrier-based fighters accompany China's aircraft carrier Varyag

Chinese Military:  J-15 carrier-based fighters accompany China's aircraft carrier Varyag

China's J-16 fighter photos exposure

Chinese Military:  Chinese domestic China's J-16 fighter exposured, big difference from J-11BS fighter. Rather ambiguous photos, but which can be determined is that the front wheels are twin-wheels, the tail is slightly different from J11BS series, the wingtip pylon is replaced the same as SU27 family style and can not launch PL8 missiles.

China's J-16 fighter

China's J-16 fighter, the tail is slightly different from J11BS series


Awesome, China's fifth-generation stealth fighter renderings of AVIC Shenyang Aircraft drawn by Chinese military fans

Chinese Military:  Recently, a Chinese military fans drew China's fifth-generation stealth fighter renderings of AVIC Shenyang Aircraft.

China's fifth generation fighter

Chinese new sniper rifle valued at US$80, 000

Chinese MilitaryJuly 6, Jilin Province Public Security Bureau held a Special Armed Police physical fitness, skills, smart contest. 130 elite from the 10 police SWAT teams will start the heated race in shooting in a pistol application, three kilometers loaded with off-road emergency disposal tactics. On the shooting competitions sniper rifle without relying on the morning, the players showed their accurate shooting capability, have seven different positions to use the sniper rifle to hit distant targets.

Team members use the latest Chinese 7.62mm precision sniper rifles, valued at US$80, 000 and its bullet valued at US$8.

Chinese new precision sniper rifles

 Its the latest 7.62mm precision sniper rifle