China and US govern the South China Sea altogether is a plot the same as G2

China and US govern the South China Sea altogether is a plot the same as G2

Some time ago, the individual countries proposed China and the United States should set up G2 Group, Professor He Liangliang (Hongkong) recently also proposed for the South China Sea, "China and the United States govern together beginning from the South China Sea", which both recommended the same, absolutely infeasible.

Sovereignty is the unique and exclusive, "China and US govern altogether" ,Why not start from the American national territory, but start from the Chinese South China Sea? This is not flagrant betrays country the opinion? Anticipated that Chinese and the American two point world, realizes condominium world this not is the G2 naive idea, what is different, “China altogether governs stresses on politics, the military”, “G2 stresses on the economy”, but regardless of which one is the procedure which present's China should not permit.

Today, China became more powerful, but compared with America is very small and weak, we fell behind in many domains world many countries beside United States, this was the fact, could have a swelled head in no way, is put up on the highest post which by others treated as an equal with the US, was no different with has tossed into oneself the fiery pit, on Western world “anti-Chinese” snare, achieved extinguishes China's ultimate objective.

In fact, "China and the United States administration" is the result of being Chinese American governance, this is not the telling of lies, are at an undisputed fact that, compared with the United States, we do not have the hardware and software administration requirements, and eventually was acquired the governed.

For this plot and the subjugation of speech, or at least in my opinion as well.

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