Soul-stirring, a J-10 fighter air sudden stop, 104 second successful forced landing

Data: November 5, 2008, the seventh China Zhuhai Air Show held at the "China Aviation Day" activities, two Chinese Air Force J-10 fighter planes at air show up together to carry out flight demonstrations.

The J-10 fighter plane maneuvering performance is outstanding

French intermediary said that after maintaining many year mystical colors, China “the new generation” the J-10 fighter aircraft presents for the first time at the Zhuhai air show, and spreads the wings the blue sky. At this air show, China had demonstrated unprecedentedly some weaponry, thought obviously symbolic demonstrates itself in the military and the defense industry domain lofty aspirations and high ideals.

Although French intermediary calls J-10 to have 60 to 100 in the China Air Force service, but never experiences the actual combat to examine obviously.

French intermediary's article also mentioned that annihilates far - 10 is not “100% China makes”. Demonstrated to the public what the fighter plane uses is the Russian engine.

According to China Central Television North Korea hear the world reported that the Air Force force regiment, deputy head of special-class pilot, Li Feng recently driving at J-10 fighter flight training when the plane suddenly encountered a transmission failure caused by engine air parking. Him by virtue of excellent psychological quality and flight technology, through soul-stirring 104 seconds, air glider to fly back to the lost power of the eagles. March 7 afternoon, Li Feng, J-10 fighters driving at high altitude 4500 meters to implement highly difficult moves, the screen suddenly appeared alert, aware of Li Feng plane will appear at any time the engine air parking, loss of power.
Li Feng engine plane Express check job status, control the speed of the request back to the market immediately. 7 kilometers from the airport at the time, stopping the engine plane, parallel to the speed of 25 meters per second fall, the situation is very critical. Li Feng adjust well plane posture, through inertia, turning space at the Waterloo airport runway. The plane landed sharp decline in the hydraulic system power, deceleration parachute can not be released, Li Feng, by virtue of the technical skill to stabilize the aircraft, aircraft taxiing on the runway at 1400 meters, could finally come to a halt. Recently, the Air Force decide to give the party committee Li Feng, a first in mind, at the same time conferred on him, "Air Force flight personnel Gongxun Gold Medal for Meritorious Service."

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