North Korea informed Japan and South Korea will be next month at 4-8 day to launch satellites

According to the United States and Japan to monitor, launched in 1998 "Daepodong -1" rocket over Japan, the third-class solid rocket exploded into Japan Aomori Misawa three U.S. troops stationed in Japan about 580 kilometers to the northeast, the specific coordinates for latitude 40 degrees 11 minutes east longitude 147 degrees 50 minutes. The Rocket was the first and second levels, respectively, from the Musudan at 180 kilometers in the Sea of Japan (East China Sea known as the North Korea-South Korea) and 1,100 kilometers of Pacific Ocean fall; and this time under the DPRK announced coordinates, a , a two-stage rocket crashed distance to 650 kilometers, respectively, and 3600 kilometers, which would mean that if as a missile launch, enhance the range of 2-3 times.
According to the Hong Kong media reports, the DPRK has informed the authorities of Japan and South Korea, North Korea will be next month at 4-8 day launch a satellite, will be closed during the two air paths. International civil aviation agencies in the DPRK Receive notification on Saturday. Japan's transport department said that Japan does not have the use of these two paths plane.

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