J-10 fighter pilot made an emergency landing on the experience: such as parachuting or cited greater harm.

Chinese air force regiment, deputy head of special-class pilot, Li Feng recently driving at J-10 fighter flight training when the plane suddenly encountered a transmission failure caused by engine air parking, and ultimately by virtue of excellent psychological quality and the technical success of the flight made an emergency landing. CCTV him in an interview about the experience made an emergency landing.
Li Feng, said March 7 afternoon, he was driving J-10 fighters at 4500 meters altitude the implementation of highly difficult moves, the screen suddenly appeared warning that he was aware at any time there will be engine plane air parking, loss of power. "I immediately change the slope at this time, up high, this time from the airport are approximately 54 kilometers." Feng said.
Li Feng engine plane Express check job status, control the speed of the request back to the market immediately. 7 kilometers from the airport at the time of parking the aircraft engine and the speed of 25 meters per second fall, the situation is very critical.
"There is a track under the Normal School, have a troop camp at this place," Li said, "If it was bailed out, the plane grounded after the explosion, may cause greater harm."
Him better adjust plane posture, with the inertia, and air-slip curve at the airport runway. The plane landed sharp decline in the hydraulic system power, deceleration parachute can not be released, Li Feng, by virtue of the technical skill to stabilize the aircraft, aircraft taxiing on the runway at 1400 meters, could finally come to a halt.

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