North Korea will hair long-range missiles, the United States to send two destroyers to detect

The guided missile destroyer USS John S. McCain (DDG 56)

Although the South Korea-US joint military exercises "key decisions" had been ended on the 20th, but because North Korea is about to move towards the eastern waters of the East China Sea (Sea of Japan) to launch long-range missiles, the United States decided to send two Aegis destroyers to the investigation, tracking or interception.
Korea senior military officers today (22 days) revealed that two Aegis destroyers to the United States in the East China Sea (Sea of Japan) on the DPRK to implement long-range missile detection, tracking or interception task.
Yonhap pointed out that according to South Korean military source said today that, as far as know, had participated in the Korea-US "key decision" joint military exercises of the 9200-ton No. John McCain (USS John McCain), such as the United States two Aegis destroyers, for In response to long-range missile North Korea fired the situation, will remain in the East China Sea (Sea of Japan) Sea.
It is reported that DPRK authorities asked the ICAO (ICAO), International Maritime Organization (IMO), the South Korean government authorities, will start on April 4 to 8, to launch the "Galaxy 2" will be man-made vehicle to promote communication satellite " Kwangmyongsong No. 2 "to carry to space, and will promote the vehicle crashed at the coordinates of the possible and the possible threat to the safety of navigation routes, for the prior notice.
However, sources alleged that Korea, the United States authorities, however, as a long-range missile launch, therefore, the United States, two Aegis destroyers are the main tasks, detect and track will be held April 4-8 launched the Korean long-range missiles, even, if necessary, may also take measures to intercept.
Reported that, as far as know, John. No. McCain is scheduled to Aegis destroyer at Busan Port on the 28th captain to hold the ceremony and the new captain of the outgoing office ceremony, and then will travel to the East China Sea (Sea of Japan) Sea, the implementation of investigation, tracking of the DPRK mission Rocket. The new captain will be Korean-American Lt. Col. Jeffrey. Kim served as.
It is learned that the United States on Aegis destroyers assembled four identifiable objects in all 1000 kilometers of high-performance radar, regardless of North Korea launched a satellite or missile, it can be immediately detected. And intercept long-range missile SM-3 anti-aircraft missiles are 8 times the speed of sound can be over 160 kilometers at intercepting ballistic missiles, usually to intercept an enemy missile, it will launch five SM-3 missiles, and Aegis ship equipped with 96 each 1.2 seconds to launch a missile vertical launch pad can be described as powerful.
In addition, it is learned that Japan is equipped with two SM-3 missiles, Aegis warships are sent to the East China Sea (Sea of Japan), to respond to North Korea to launch long-range missiles.

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