Perspective on China's air defense system: three missiles hit the stealth fighter together

Chinese AWACS KJ-2000

Grow with the People's Liberation Army Air Force to Air Force units, ground air defense forces and the military early warning radar-based air defense forces system innovation and development, pioneering sound, out of a meander and sustainable development of the new road. Air Force officers and men with a high sense of responsibility and mission, carefully weaving the safety of the motherland defense "Skynet", day and night to defend the country's airspace sovereignty. 

Air Force: Falcon alert day and night 

Partial Scan: "Red Army" the number of fighters is their 2.5 times, but they are flexible tactics to combat the results of 7:1, crushing the "Red Army" offensive. The next day on, he's 6-0 record, neat end to the fighting 

"Times of peace, we need to always concerned about the sky overhead. According to statistics, only 90 years since the 20th century, air combat occurred in the world during the Cold War than the number increased 400%. Overlooking the smoke of war, we need to forge a deal and defeat the threat of future unpredictable air power to defend our national security space. "Air Force Combat Command, says the Minister Liu Zirong. 

To the air force unit, the reporter saw a new type of aircraft, sinking slightly tapered head, double vertical tail high tilt, ready to swoop on its prey like a falcon, full of confidence and "domineering." This is just a microcosm of my aviation development. 

Years ago, when three generations of aircraft and equipment such forces, it immediately became the focus of a variety of media to keep track of. After all, this is an historic crossing times changing, new equipment, the shock waves is far from dissipated. 

South March, rainy. At this point, visibility up to 800 meters, the cloud base height of 70 meters. The weather, when the second generation, only "dependent on the weather." However, the new models provide access to, the air force unit is the first breakthrough in the objective conditions that can not be changed. 

70 meters of the cloud base height, means that after the pilot vacated the aircraft take-off operation is not fully completed, to have entered the clouds. Clouds flying, not only because of the wing so the pilot light to bring the visual illusion, the pilot to withstand the enormous psychological pressure, can not have the slightest slip. Thrilling and exciting training methods into Air Force pilot training in all unit norm. 

Entered the information period, the weapons and equipment updates, personnel changes and the quality of the support of other high-tech platform system, making the air war now more complex and confusing. Our air forces capable of performing it? 

In 2008, the northwest desert. The first missile live-fire shooting began. Air Force pilots flew off a division, lock the target, fire! All missiles all hit the target. Last year, the troops went to the Northwest again, shooting, all the missile launch is all hit! 

June 2009, an Air Corps Tactical miles south-east, to participate in the aviation, surface to air missiles, antiaircraft artillery, radar, electronic warfare against the various elements of the system complete the exercise. All strange environment, strong electromagnetic interference, the complex battlefield environment than ever before. 

The first day, although the "Red Army" the number of fighters is their 2.5 times, but they are flexible tactics to combat the results of 7:1, crushing the "Red Army" offensive. The next day on, he's 6-0 record, neat end to the fighting. 

Mission of honing the super out of the air combat, fighting and constantly force them to stride forward. They are like the air Falcon, day and night combat duty, ready to wipe out all the enemy dares to invade. 

Air defense forces: the sword through the clouds and fog 

Partial Scan: 6 batches of surface to air missile units to face the "enemy" from the multi-direction, multi-batch, multi-level continuous attacks at the same time, in less than 1 minute of time, has fired several missiles, destroy all of the specified target

Chinese fighter fleet attacking in the night

Gobi depths of night. 

Suddenly, the rapid siren. Air Force deployed in this ground air defense forces quickly into the battle. Communications command post, the "enemy" using cruise missiles, stealth aircraft, ground missiles and other high-tech weapons, on my campaign targets small interval of deep, multi-batch, multi-directional continuous assault. I ground air defense units organized different types of weapons, mixed arrangements, implementation of the joint air defense operations, a variety of tactics and attacks by anti-saturation. 

Northeast direction, the night sky "enemy" first stealth aircraft, air defense positions positive surprise me. I quickly tracked ground air defense forces targeted. Just listen to "boom - boom - boom" sound, the three missiles trailing flames, and relying on mine wrapped in power, toward the "enemy." After a few seconds, the missile tip needle nose as general, accurate to hit the "enemy." Three rounds hit! Then the "enemy" low altitude cruise missile attack on the main positions I was biting my guidance radar closely. "Fire!" Suddenly, the missile toward the "enemy" target "enemy" missile volley flowering. 

This is a year in mid-July, the Air Force ground air defense forces in study and training methods of real soldiers in a scene. 

Minister for Ground Air Defense Command, Air Force, the Ministry of War Panguo Hai told reporters: "military power in the world the power of modern air defense system, composition, surface to air missile units of the main pillars of power are essential. Chinese air force soldiers from the surface to air missile since its inception in 1958 , has gone through 50 years of glorious history, they and the Air Force together, shoulder to protect the territorial security of the sacred mission of fighting to create a number of popular legend. " 

October 6, 1958, China established the first Air Force air missile forces - the first battalion of SAM. 

October 7, 1959, an American Air Force RB-57D Chiang altitude reconnaissance plane shot down by me and created a world with a surface to air missiles to shoot down enemy air defense in the history of the precedent. 

September 9, 1962, mobile surface to air missile troops laid an ambush for the first time the Kuomintang air force shot down high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft U-2. 

October 5, 1987, an invasion of the MiG -21 electronic reconnaissance plane shot down by me, captured the pilot bailed out. 

Into the 90s last century, the introduction of new equipment, to air missile units had a positive and profound impact. Air Force rapid formation of a surface to air missile air defense of the "fist" force, air defense system performance has improved significantly. 

February 1996, bejeweled southeast. A code-named "Joint -96" and subsequently launched military exercises. The face of the enemy may be made to counter the threat of air surface to air missile troops fired dozens of missiles a few minutes the main battle various models of air defense missiles, the implementation of a powerful enemy air military deterrence, co air force carried out air attacks and making pre-emptive anti-war against the enemy. 

The exercise is the Air Force's first joint surface to air missile troops to battle exercises, and also returned fire in self-defense since the border war has been the largest involving a military operation. 

October 2008, surface to air missile forces once again achieved a major breakthrough in fighting. Gobi desert northwest, the face of a new type of surface to air missile units 6 installment of "enemy" from the multi-direction, multi-batch, multi-level continuous attacks at the same time, in less than 1 minute of time, has fired several missiles, destroy all the specified target; then exercise to test the troops, in unknown condition, the PAA also ordered to prepare to play into the attack on Camp 4 installment of "enemy" against the implementation, Hair missile hit the target. The exercise, held hostage to maximize operational effectiveness of new equipment, set up a new subject, difficult, close combat, testing the new equipment operational efficiency in complex electromagnetic environment, anti-saturation attack, the boundary condition capability. 

In recent years, China-made surface to air missile force is equipped with a new type of surface to air missile weapons systems, watch the sky in the journey, has formed a relatively complete and important to the regional air defense air defense coverage of the layout, and build the distal short-range, high altitude with anti-aircraft barrage, with all-weather, all-round combat capability. 
Radar: airspace "telescope" 

Partial Scan: air, ground wave is intertwined with a Road, a variety of radar in search of a low altitude over Beijing and the surrounding target 24-hour shoulder the task of early warning detection 

"If the radar start-up team in Shanghai is a point, then after the first batch of nine new China is a line of radar operators. Since then, more and more stations, the line getting longer and longer, interwoven into a network, the Republic of the sky more and more peaceful and transparent. "director of the Air Force air and missile defense early-warning radar unit ZHENG Jun Min gave a vivid metaphor. 

60th anniversary of the National Day military parade in the square, consisting of 108 mobile radar radar phalanx slowly toward us, rolling iron flow into, wore blue camouflage "square box" of the equipment are the successive in Tiananmen Square ago. 

This is the first time the Air Force radar equipment to accept the motherland and the people of the review. 

Witness the development of radar equipment, a veteran of ten years, said with emotion in the past to see the target on the radar, always tell an enemy, or our own people, now have the information by means of the enemy and friendly aircraft in the integrated decision ability has been greatly improved. 

August 5, 2008, coincided with the opening of Beijing Olympic Games a century ago, from the direction of the Bohai Bay to Beijing, a UAV is quietly flying low-level treetop. Air, ground, mixed with a radio channel, a variety of radar in search of a low altitude over Beijing and the surrounding target. Side the cabin floor, nervously watching Operators monitor screen, firmly fixed on unmanned aerial vehicles, groups of information quickly transmitted to the Command Center automatically ... ... 

This is an Air Force radar drones organized reality check. 

Unremitting efforts of several generations, and I guarantee the radar early warning radar unit detection system visible in a complex electromagnetic environment, to come, early warning detection range of monitoring equipment is increasing, and continuously enhance the detection performance at low altitude, increasing the detection range , early warning surveillance network link more closely, with the detection of multi-dimensional space, many types of targets. Practice has proved that, after a tempered, my radar network has been trained to have eyes that is fully capable of 24-hour shoulder early warning detection task. 

In early 2010, over a certain area, centered early warning aircraft pilot, the front line fighter fleet thorough, followed closely bomber fleet formations and assault follow. 

The synthetic training seas, high seas in the days of early warning aircraft in the air command and Qingqi platform for more coordinated action fighters provide a strong support of information, so that early warning radar to achieve a qualitative leap. 

Air Force radar units and equipment have been built as one empty world, more comprehensive means of detection, multi-directional remote cover, multi-system integration of modern command and shared early warning system to defend the motherland to become a truly sovereign airspace "telescope."

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