F-35 performance shrink severely, can not cope with Chinese missile attack

Chinese Dongfeng-21C missile

U.S. "Foreign Policy" magazine, said a large number of U.S. military research and development and purchase of F-35 fighter made the United States greatly increased military spending, and upset the various plans before the Department of Defense. 

United States Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps plans to buy thousands of years in the last ten F-35 fighter aircraft. However, according to the latest news, the long-awaited high-performance fighter to come out fitted out in time for the official round will be postponed until 2018, when U.S. military planes will be equipped with 2457 the total cost of up to 385 billion U.S. dollars, which is the history of the United States Since most large orders. 

In fact, F-35 before the performance as we stand out as expected, the actual combat radius is 584 miles, far below the official guarantee of 690 miles before. Such a combat radius of China's air defense system will not be able to cope with missile attacks. 

This explains why the performance of F-35 fighter was blown sky and a large number of purchase at the same time, the Pentagon had to set aside a lot of money for the purchase of unmanned aerial vehicles, maintenance, and research and development. 

For U.S. allies, the Pentagon is not buying this lavish they should learn. Exemplary conduct for U.S. allies to take the lead sometimes very difficult. 

In the F-35 orders, the Marine Corps also bought many of these advanced fighters. Originally, the Marine Corps is responsible for maritime and ground operations. Today, the Marine Corps gradually to change their way of fighting. 

After the war in Afghanistan, they plan to increase investment in special weapons, air power is the natural complement of a Marine Corps major. 

Finally, analysts said that if the U.S. policy makers to significant financial funds into education, health care and other domestic areas of livelihood, all-pervasive media monitoring, critics will make an official speech is very embarrassed. 

However, if you put money into the military, the confidentiality and non-transparent mode of operation will allow the reporters can not find the handle, so as to reduce the Government's public pressure.

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