NATO has lost patience, and issued a kill order to get Gaddafi

April 6, Gaddafi accused the West after the residence barracks was bombed.

China Military: NATO, the world's largest military group has finally been "the most stubborn" enemy Gaddafi polished patience. 9, NATO officials in the U.S. media's talk show on Gaddafi expressed secretive "shoot to kill" determination. So far, more than 10,000 sorties in the bombing, Gaddafi's official residence in the number of pouring tons of bombs did not bring the "Middle East strongman" shock resignation. Gaddafi's son and assistant in the school with a number of countries and even to discuss with Libyan opposition "to exit the power", the NATO statement intriguing. In this regard, even the U.S. public opinion believes that NATO will kill Gaddafi United Nations resolutions as a "token" is obviously illogical, the real reason is that cloud of a protracted war that NATO belligerent unsettled. Today, NATO and the Gaddafi feel pressed for time, the end result will depend on who is in the "countdown sound of" first "collapse."(China Military)

Gaddafi as a "legitimate military targets"

The evening of June 9, U.S. time, in the U.S. Cable News Network (CNN), a talk show, a NATO senior official for the first time publicly that the United Nations resolution to Muammar Gaddafi of Libya to become NATO's military action " legitimate targets. " Although the name of NATO officials did not directly answer the moderator, "Gaddafi had become a target" of the questioning, but made it clear that Security Council Resolution 1973, "for Gaddafi himself," because the resolution to allow coalition forces to take "all the necessary measures to protect civilians ", which means that all threats to the Libyan military civilians are targets, while Gaddafi is a military leader, and the" legitimate military targets. "(China Military)

CNN commented that the goal of this attack has exceeded our previous United Nations resolutions on the protection of civilians and ceasefire understanding. Gaddafi is now time for NATO to step down not only, they have a new goal: get rid of Qaddafi. 9 U.S. anti-war network, said the purpose of Security Council Resolution 1973 was approved no-fly zone, but the scope has been expanded. Combat has started more than two months, the Libyan situation on the ground did not seem to how to change, NATO officials have even admitted that this war will last until the end and beyond. The cell killing on the Qaddafi's proposal would cause some of the UN Security Council members uneasy, because they had known the result would be, the original should not support this resolution. Get rid of Qaddafi's statement that NATO is desperately looking for ways to change the ground war.(China Military)

Gaddafi's regime has been rushed to the collapse of the former officials of the French position on NATO reacted cautiously. French "Atlas News" said, if reports are true, which means that a fundamental goal of NATO's military transformation, admits Gaddafi himself is no longer targeted. However, the paper said that despite the shift in the international court charged Gaddafi to encourage women to make the context of sexual abuse, but claimed that the Security Council resolutions against Gaddafi found difficult to justify, it tends to result in differences in support of camp and dissent, let alone action after Libyan leader Bouchard NATO has made it clear that "Gaddafi is not the goal of military action," the official position of NATO would really remains to be seen. Radio France Internationale pour cold water on even to this public statement: a means to a variety of carrot and stick looks spectacular, but can not really quickly pulled down this madman.

Japan's Jiji news agency said Gaddafi not only angered the United States, Britain and other European countries also made their "dictatorial" behavior can not stand. Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" said Gaddafi as NATO targets is to "end the war as soon as possible", "together between developed countries shows the great power," Gaddafi regime collapsed in time not far away .

"Nobody killed the leaders of some countries to grant the power of Gaddafi." Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on April 26 had severely criticized the NATO air strikes Gaddafi himself as a target. 10, Russian media quoted experts as saying, "NATO air strike targets as Gaddafi announced that it would no doubt play a slap in the face of Russia." Russia's "Morning News" said, "NATO finally reveal their true colors," North about has actually been implemented in the fight against Gaddafi's residence, April 30 to killing his son and grandson. The newspaper also said that just yesterday, the Russian presidential envoy in Malta and the Libyan opposition Glover told a news conference after the talks, the Libyan opposition does not want to physically eliminate Qaddafi. He said: "Gaddafi who do not want to move a hair and nail him to the wall in his office."(China Military)

However, including front-line commander of the rebels, including many officials Quedui Daoud, "Global Times" reporter, said: "whether NATO or the Libyan opposition, hope to Gaddafi 'direct address', because that can save a lot of trouble. "western media counterparts also told a reporter:" If NATO really can find the hiding place Gaddafi will certainly not hesitate to be killed. this time NATO's bombing In fact, Qaddafi has been trying to lock. "

Rasmussen said the NATO Secretary General, "Gaddafi lies no more" at the same time, the Libyan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah, the former Miss Sarah Khan, 9, said the rebels "will in a few weeks later than "invaded Tripoli, Gaddafi's day" a few days "the. Members of the AU mediation team told Gaddafi that he "must resign." You Genli German Middle East expert told Davis, "Global Times" reporter, NATO, the African Union, the United States position after another, the international community on issues and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya to step down has been more unified understanding.

British Apache helicopters strike Gaddafi's forces for first time

Gaddafi step to find the final way out

The face of continually tighten the rope around his neck, Gaddafi began to pay close attention to find the last way out. AFP, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 9, confirmed that Gaddafi's aides began discussions with a number of representative government, "the possibility of transition." Libya, "the National Transitional Council," Foreign Affairs received the Director of Asia and Africa, "Global Times" reporter, said that Gaddafi sent Foreign Minister's visit to Beijing, and sent diplomatic missions around the world is in fact in the Gaddafi " find a way out. "

10 disclosed, Bloomberg, Gaddafi's son Saif frequently with the Libyan opposition recently, "the National Transition Council" contacts with the opposition hoping to reach his father, "out of power" in negotiations. In this regard, Libya, "the National Transitional Council," a minister to the "Global Times" reporter confirmed: "This is not the first time Gaddafi family in touch with us, have said several times before, but not in good faith." The committee assistant principal Xijialile acari said: "Of course, Gaddafi son to talk to us is conditional." However, he stressed that even if the Gaddafi "dream stay in Libya," after the handover of power have to leave.

At the same time, the British "The Independent" 10, said Gaddafi with the Greek government is a government of up to 200 billion U.S. dollars of overseas capital secret negotiations in the hope the money will be used for humanitarian aid to Libya, the two sides, which gesture is to pave the way for peace talks to open both sides. The two sides negotiated for several times without the final signature of a Memorandum of Understanding, the core is 200 billion U.S. dollars of overseas funds to finance humanitarian aid to the warring parties, Gaddafi to hand over power.

Gaddafi on secret contacts between Greece and France warned that such efforts will only increase the legitimacy of the government Gaddafi, and Gaddafi's policy of isolating the West. However, the French Europe, Gaddafi declared a Clinton special envoy to frequent events and Benghazi series of diplomatic activities that are summed up as "make soft pressure on Gaddafi." The station said the need for such rumors too seriously, since Libya since the start of the war, rumors of even more astonishing than this is not no before, but it turned out, Gaddafi will not easily give up power. "Even if you opened the door on its behalf, a snake in the house tour that will take the initiative to go out you?" Libya, "the National Transitional Council," Foreign Ministry Director of the Asia-Pacific lamin to the "Global Times" cited an example: "certainly not Yes! it must strike the right stick left to play, to be out the door. Gaddafi is like a snake. "

Gaddafi, where the final destination? Mali, "the Republic reported," said the Libyan war, no more than three endings, one onto both sides exhausted, to find the steps to step down, but Gaddafi did not leave, this step and easy to find; Second, Gaddafi suddenly Taichetaiwu, recognizing mighty tide of the times, "along prosper Nizhe death" on their own initiative to step down, but the probability of this outcome is not overvalued; the third can only be trying to make Gaddafi die, how death will do , while African countries are waiting for the dust settles I'm afraid, good to discuss how to deal with Gaddafi, who operate in sub-Saharan investment projects Mao You fat to it.(China Military)

Former British Ambassador in Libya, Richard Dutton told the "Global Times" reporter, is not much left to the choice of Gaddafi, the Hague International Criminal Tribunal is likely to be his next stop after leaving Libya. Gaddafi's Libya left for another day can be at it? Benghazi from the current strength of view, have failed.

NATO "can not afford to delay,"

Why not try so hard to be on the Gaddafi NATO shoot to kill? Research Center of the pyramids of Egypt, Mahmoud said, "NATO worry, because now they can not kill or capture Gaddafi, which is somewhat losing face."

In addition to face, Dutton said, is the main reason for the NATO forces want to drag a quick fix can not afford, Libya has also been a belligerent war brought economic pressure. Coalition is currently embodied in Libya effective co-ordination is largely a matter of fact in support of Britain and France. If a long time trapped in Tripoli, Britain and France will support the first live.

French "point of view," said that although the Libyan mission to extend NATO's decision 3 months passed, and to show that the coalition must Gaddafi to step down, not dogged determination, but I hope that many Member States to send troops, in particular, assessed the requirements of military spending has been generally cold, shut the door without a country, but not who generously promises. NATO defense ministers in Brussels meeting, Rasmussen and Runge have admitted that, despite the pressure increased, but was quickly overthrown Gaddafi will not hold, Libya may still be protracted stalemate, and many more participants worry, even if the fall Gaddafi, Libya's mess will still last a long time. Japan's NHK television said NATO began on 9 May the Libyan capital, a stronghold of the Gaddafi regime, high-intensity bombing, has also invested helicopter operations, but is also open both sides did not see a stalemate situation. 10 days, according to Libyan state television reported the same day NATO helicopter was shot down in Libya. Day, the outgoing U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that if the mean and the lack of political will to continue, NATO will face "if not bleak, that is, dark" in the future.

NATO announced at this time for the kill, the Russian attitude change, the situation has become increasingly clear whether Gaddafi to step down end is very clear. Dag NATO under Kill at this time, is hoping to end the current war in Libya, but also that NATO does not want to Gaddafi as a negotiating position. Exactly what the outcome will depend on NATO's first find the Gaddafi, Gaddafi asked to find a solution to the problem is still the key.(China Military)

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