China adheres to peaceful development and will never seek hegemony and never engage in expansion

China Military: Chinese President Hu Jintao left Beijing Sunday morning to pay state visits to Kazakstan, Russia and Ukraine, and attend a Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Astana and an economic forum in St.Petersburg, The eve of the visit, President Hu Jintao accepted the written interview of Kazakhstan and Russian media, and answered questions on the Sino-Kazakh relations, Sino-Russian relations, the current international situation, China's peaceful development and other issues.

On China's peaceful development, Hu said, adhere to the path of peaceful development, the Chinese government and people to the international community made a solemn commitment to uphold our long-term policy, China will never seek hegemony and never engage in expansion. (China Military)

Hu said 30 years, the Chinese reform and opening up policy, economy and other aspects of social development has made remarkable achievements in the new, rising international status, it is a fact obvious. However, China remains a developing country, China still far from developed countries. To achieve common prosperity of all Chinese people live a happier life, is a long and arduous task, we need to pay a hundred times. This determines the current, and over the long term, China needs to focus on development.

Hu stressed that China will continue to stand for peace, development and cooperation, and always adhere to an independent foreign policy of peace on the basis of five principles of peaceful development of friendly cooperation with all countries. Promote mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and cooperation, a new security concept, and pursuing a defensive national defense policy, engage in arms race or pose a military threat to any country, adhere to the peaceful settlement of international disputes and regional hot issues, against the arbitrary use of force or threat of force. (China Military)

On the current international situation and the international anti-terrorism situation, Hu said, the world multi-polarization and economic globalization, technological innovation and nurture new breakthroughs in emerging market countries and developing countries to prosper, the world is facing rare opportunities for development. At the same time, the complexity of the international situation is still outstanding. International security situation, while maintaining overall stability, unstable and uncertain factors increased.

Hu stressed that the new situation, the interests of national interdependence and deepening blend, peace, development and cooperation is the people, the general trend. The face of various risks and challenges, we must work together, work together to seek common development, to build a lasting peace, common prosperity and harmonious world to make unremitting efforts.

Hu said that in recent years, the joint efforts of the international community, positive progress in the international fight against terrorism. Should also see that the current international anti-terrorism situation is still grim, some terrorist organizations are active, far from eliminating the breeding ground of terrorism, the international fight against terrorism long way to go.

Hu stressed that the international community should follow the "UN Charter" and other universally recognized norms of international law and international relations, strengthening international cooperation in the fight against terrorism. Should take the political, economic, diplomatic and other comprehensive means of tackling the problem, efforts to eliminate breeding grounds for terrorism.

Hu said China is willing to continue the spirit of equality, cooperation, reciprocity and mutual benefit principle, with the parties to promote international cooperation against terrorism continue to make new progress in safeguarding regional and world peace and stability.(China Military)

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