Vietnam high-profile deals with China-Vietnam Dispute Over South China Sea and create hostility.

Vietnam navy ships

(China Military)Vietnam announced on the 10th will be held live ammunition military exercises in the South China Sea, it's rare to promote this move, the object of analysis is generally believed that for China. Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung also encouraged people to say the first two days of rhetoric, expressing Vietnam, "the whole party and people across the country, the military's most determined." Like totally scruples China would react.(China military)

Vietnam navy 

Vietnam, why, it is to scare to live in China? Not quite. Live in China because of Vietnam scare, no such precedent in history, but also totally inconsistent with the logic of international politics. Hanoi, presumably to digest domestic pressure, encouraging domestic morale, attract the international community to pay more attention to the South China Sea dispute.(China Military)

But whatever the Vietnamese high-profile deal of friction between the sea what the specific purpose, its actual effect is, in the maritime territorial disputes in the more complex issues, in Hanoi with the lowest coping style of nationalism, to create a new public hostility between the two countries. Hanoi, Vietnam from settlement in the northern Gulf demarcation of land boundary and the successful experience of the march back, the two countries compete head-on the way back to the lead.(China Military)

The history of Vietnam between the two countries make such a request to the: sake of discussion, one can not turn the old accounts, two things can not point to the surface of lead, concrete thing to lead the overall situation of bilateral relations. Officials said the two countries should not ruthless, saying harsh words, because the two countries on the territorial issue of public opinion has little potential for the two countries have accumulated a variety of civil reform have grievances, they are easy to fall into the children are severely vent to the challenger who territorial issues.(China Military)

Pragmatic said China paid great attention to the whole in the international "respect for the small," not in favor of Chinese society from the bones of a small country engaged in political blackmail. But small countries, in turn blackmail China, Chinese people will one very angry, and felt funny again. Two days the Chinese media to see Vietnam through a variety of performances, they are accumulated on the goodwill of those years in Vietnam almost immediately disappeared.(China Military)

Vietnam should be clear, China's public opinion much more open than the Vietnamese, Chinese society on the bulk of the "dissidents", and the Internet to pressure the government of the huge energy are not the Vietnamese community. On the territorial issue, the official attitude of the countries are rigid, but the practice must have flexibility. Do not think that only the Vietnamese authorities that they face public pressure, it must be digested in its own territory, the domestic problems is an illusion.(China Military)

China and Vietnam in recent decades has experienced mixed the complex relationship between friends and enemies, anything to resolve territorial disputes by war, the Vietnamese have failed. Now China and Vietnam in a rational manner the friction at sea, not only China's own level, but also the steps of Vietnam. If the Vietnamese have to toss, the more frustrating that can get more benefits, then we really would like to remind policy makers in Vietnam: Please read the history of it with you.(China Military)

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