China plans to develop the air-space-integration Air Force through his aerospace advantage

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Chinese Air Force's "Beyond the Road"

"We can not wait finish the journey mechanization, go set out information."

Aircraft, aircraft carriers, nuclear weapons have been called the most important human military history of the Three Revolutions, The fundamental reason is the invention of these weapons greatly expand the new battle space and means of warfare. In particular the emergence of nuclear weapons, will be the focus of the war shifted to the human eye can not recognize the atomic world.

In the spring of this year, as the U.S. space flight test aircraft, the world's only superpower, now seems to be distant in space as their key to winning the next war.

This is perhaps the invention of nuclear bombs, China suffered the most serious armed blackmail. "We must pay close attention in the U.S. strategic attempt to never forget to China as a strategic rival." Military expert, Major General Peng Guangqian told correspondents.

In fact, the space battle for the Chinese, the challenges and opportunities: the use of Chinese in the world's leading aerospace technology, to dominate "space" that modern war and the main battlefield in future wars.

"From the military technology, China in the world should be in a 'first group', we have the capacity to launch spacecraft, it should be said that through the efforts, China's military technology is essential to meet national security needs." Peng said.

"Air and space" and its development, the urgent need to modernize the People's Liberation Army had a considerable instructive.

Since 2000, the Air Force Engineering University, the research team has completed a succession battle space, air and space combat series of research projects and published on issues related to multiple publications.

In these books, the Air Force Engineering University discussion group analysis, for a long time in the future, the Chinese air force and air power in the overall gap will still exist, in general against a stronger enemy situation, the all-embracing concept of development, do not meet The actual operational thinking must change. "China's space technology has very basic, space technology and air power to achieve an organic combination of which can be more of a cross."

Ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu in the "military-shaped fourth," he says, "good attacker, moving at over nine days." This phrase for today's China, was asked policy makers to better guide the strategic vision Army "to win in advance," the next war.

Deng Xiaoping and the command of the air

National Day military parade in 60 years, CCTV's commentary that said the People's Liberation Army Air Force "in accordance with air and space, both offensive and defensive strategies to continuously improve the air attack, air and missile defense, strategic delivery and airborne combat capability."

Before After years of efforts, from the Air Force Engineering University, the Air Force Command College and the National Defense University and other research institutes of military theorists have been initially created to use space resources for the core, aerospace seamless integration of air and space operations Theoretical system, and with Chinese characteristics, such as air and space combat forces were systematically explained.

According to public information, China on space battlefield, the right of the air day no later than began in 1990. Air Force Command, was first put forward researcher Dong, "High-dimensional control of airspace," that the views of a place in outer space. Two years later, "Basic Theory of Air Force Aerospace" clear the "air control days" as the U.S. Air Force's top priority by the U.S. Air Force is responsible for construction, management and use of more than 90% of U.S. military space forces.

In fact, the Chinese strategy of development in never judging a lack of vision. Deng Xiaoping 50 years since the 20th century onwards, has continually stressed that the status and role of the Air Force.

Had 20 years experience of Deng Xiaoping, of war there are two extremely important strategic judgments: "No air force will not work", "no air superiority is not enough." Concluded that: "firstly, a strong air force, to get air supremacy, or what not hit down battle."

He made these judgments, air power has not become a decisive force in modern wars, but does not appear in the strict sense of the air war. But since air power used in the practice of modern war has completely proved that Deng Xiaoping's analysis and determine the right: the late 20th century to the early 21st century several large local wars show that air power has been developed to decide the outcome of war, even air war alone reached the national strategic objectives.

From Deng Xiaoping in power for 80 years, the new generation of domestic Air Force made significant progress in equipment development, modernization of weapons and equipment has increased significantly. However, restricted by objective conditions, the Chinese Air Force after 30 years of rapid development, still exists with a certain gap between the world's military powers.

In 2000, the Air Force Engineering University, Major General Cai Feng Zhen's discussion group for the head start. As research teams, Air Force Engineering University, Tian Anping colonel told correspondents recalled that the Navy was out of a "look to the Pacific," the book, "Navy lateral view, the Air Force to vertical view, to the point of view." This upward goal is the boundless infinite space.

2004, 2006, the Air Force Engineering University, the research team has published two books open, "air and space battle with the Chinese Air Force", "air and space operations school." Later, Major General Cai Feng Chen to the post of deputy chief of the Air Force out of line.

Earlier in 2003, the Air Force Engineering University, Dean of Engineering, Mr Li Chang telecommunications and other public publication of the Air "15" military theory research project topic "air and space information warfare."

In the west of Beijing, the Air Force Command College has become a battlefield of another building space fulcrum. Query public information can be found, the Air Force Command College, Deputy Minister of Scientific Research Ming-Liang Wang, Institute of Strategic Research Center Director quarter of rock, and strategic expert, Major General Qiao Liang and so have been emphasizing a "concept space", and related theories are described.

As a theoretical work, "air and space battle with the Chinese Air Force", "air and space operations study" does not lead to the outside world focus. But when he was two books by the Air Force commander General Qiao Qingchen preface, Deng Changyou, political commissar of the Air Force will be dedicated to congratulate the author, "air and space operations study" published.

Qiao Qingchen, that the stage of human warfare "by land and sea, from sea and air, from air and days. Air power and space resources are the perfect combination of space formed by the battlefield, has been proudly upgraded to 'supremacy' of the main battlefield. " According to public information, he also personally Markup of the "air and space operations study" the study outline.

Deng Changyou will be that "air and space operations school" filled the air and space operations in China Theoretical blank. He said: "It's like that time of uncertainty, and uncertain status did not affect the appearance of the aircraft established air supremacy and Douhet and other air combat theory, not yet mature air and space operations should not become aware of their characteristics and laws of the obstacles . "

This is currently available query, the first head of the PLA military services military resources on the importance of space concerns.

"Air and space battle with the Chinese Air Force" to "on" the main battlefield described the basic characteristics of space and internal rules, would like to explore a leap-forward development of China Air Force, to seize the future of air and space superiority and information to win local wars under conditions of effective way.

The "air and space operations study" to "learning" oriented to a more cautious attitude on the air and space operations, a series of important theoretical and practical issues of the system. This 300-page book is a textbook. According to public information, now it has become the Air Force Engineering University, teaching graduate and undergraduate education began to use.

The other under the Access to Information, as early as November 2003, the Air Force issued the "China military science system of the Air Force" has air and space operations as the Air Force military science school system as a system of military science is relatively independent of the subject.

According to staff reporter learned that as a space battle, air and space operations, research continues to "national security of air and space" as the theme of the theoretical work forthcoming, this would tend to improve the relevant military theory.

This series of research projects, is currently available through public information queries to, the Chinese military resources in aerospace construction, management and Shiyong the most comprehensive set of theories.

In accordance with usual practice, refined military theory, the formation of macro-related strategies to guide in the micro-technology, construction equipment and personnel.

Constraints and anti-restriction

In fact from the current publications published, people already preliminary understanding of the Chinese Air Force research institutions and researchers on current and future space and air and space operations battlefield awareness.

To air and space operations as an example, according to the results of the Air Force Engineering University discussion group: air and space combat system consists of full-dimensional reconnaissance and surveillance systems, distributed command and control systems, integrated offensive and defensive fighting system, comprehensive support system network component.

Concern the integration of offensive and defensive fighting system is divided into the information battle system, battle system and new mechanism of fire arms combat systems.

The new mechanism of anti-satellite weapons and combat systems by satellite systems, directed energy weapons systems, electromagnetic pulse weapons systems, kinetic energy weapons systems and other components.

Directed energy weapon systems by including laser weapons systems, particle beam weapons systems, microwave weapons systems and other components.

In the day-to-ground attacks, the space-based combat system can use the laser on the ground, sea, fire, mass production, in order to "Fire Attack Techniques" burning the enemy's military targets. In addition, the ground can destroy or deceptive information systems. But most attention is still based on "blitz operation" to destroy enemy missile launch, that the U.S. "Star Wars" missile defense system, and later systems.

Army Air Force in 2009 the people of 60 years, the Tian Anping told correspondents spoke, a new mechanism has been put into weapons and combat system: the Soviet Union had flown with the laser field empty, the U.S. space shuttle experiment, causing the astronauts sick . After that 6 months, the United States in April this year, test flights of the space fighter "X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle."

"X-37B" about 8.2 meters, wingspan of 4.6 meters, size is about the space shuttle 1 / 4. Judging from the shape design, with the United States more like a traditional space shuttle, but it uses a pair of vertical tail design, which has a number of active duty with the United States similar to heavy fighter.

Took over 20 years, cost billions of dollars in air and space fighter full compliance with Chinese researchers for the positioning of such aircraft: in wartime, the ability of the enemy spacecraft, satellites and other military operations, including control, capture and destroy enemy spacecraft, military reconnaissance of the enemy and so on.

However, most experts believe that air and space warfare is still in the initial stages of development. In addition to displaying a small amount of ground to ground missiles and the pilot for air-to-day, day of the heaven, earth on the day of attack, the space power's role in the war, also mainly confined to air and air defense forces to provide information to support combat operations.

Technological development in this regard is limited, but also constrained by the international law. This is the space war can not be achieved in the short term the main reason. Under the current international conventions for the mankind in outer space, especially not to deploy weapons of mass destruction.

Obviously, the environment has been hoping to develop well in China will not be the first to destroy any one to maintain global peace and stability as the goal of international conventions. But the current situation is that countries spacecraft in orbit for more than 70% for military purposes, almost all of the spacecraft can serve the war.

In publications, the Air Force Engineering University discussion group that accurate grasp of the international law, international law, the flexible use of weapons, both to avoid controversy, to eliminate unnecessary trouble, for the political and public opinion on the initiative, but also the enemy may take ways and means to predict, can take advantage of all legitimate means and methods of self-defense, returned fire, to obtain the greatest military advantage.

True cross

Although humans have repeatedly carried out air and space combat wars, but even the United States and Russia that military power is still groping for space among the battlefield. From the air and space operations, strategy, tactics, and to the definition and attribution of space soldiers, military theorists in the world there has been controversial. Even at home, there are "nuclear-day one," "separate Army" and many opinions.

Space force as a force entities have been in existence, but apart from Russia formed a separate space force, but also not as tied to the Army, Navy and Air Force outside independent arm. United States efforts to empty big problem remains to the Air Force into a financial air, air defense forces and the aerospace, defense forces into one day --- the new Air Force air and space force.

Peng Guangqian that in the global trend, the integration of aviation and spaceflight, the first will catch up with China's current position in the Air Force are "leapfrog" development. "Air and space development is a great direction, air space resources without external fragmentation, and reconnaissance, navigation, early warning must rely on the resources of outer space. How specific development, according to the technical nature of military strategy based on different and different States have different, our country is mainly self-defense, but the Air Force from the three-dimensional to multi-dimensional development is the inevitable trend. "

According to "air and space battle with the Chinese Air Force," in which the status of the Chinese air force is now semi-mechanized and mechanized as the main body, while another part of the information. "We can not wait finish the journey mechanization, go set out information." The discussion group concerned that such power will once again widen the Air Force and the "generation gap." This kind of "leapfrog" the development of a world power of China Air Force, Air Force, the only way to catch up, "adequate information support, can make up for lack of firepower and mobility."

This "leapfrog" development, you need to combat thinking, aerospace technology, fund input, and the Quality of "leapfrog" development. The source said, "It should be said on air and space operations in China's military theory, military power and the world at the same level of awareness, in some ways more profound."

50 years after the founding of the Chinese investment in the aviation sector investment in the railway less than a fraction. "The investment in specific projects, will have been very limited funds into almost all types of development on this important model and the reverse light pre-investment research, resulting in a serious shortage of technical reserves, affecting air force building the speed of development. "" space battle with the Chinese Air Force "think.

However, in terms of a developing country like China, air and space operations to achieve and protect the really too expensive: According to the calculations, a plane of laser weapons cost 900 million U.S. dollars, a large space carrier is more than 1000 billion U.S. dollars, a Space robots have 150 million U.S. dollars.

In publications, the Air Force Engineering University discussion group provides several routes, including: learning-style leap across autonomous, choice-style cross, embedded cross, integrated across the integrated type cross.

Embedded across, for example, will mature advanced technology or innovative technologies to existing platforms, upgrading and modernizing weapons and equipment; integrated traction across is demand, through the elements of military technology and power, the system inherited by leaps and bounds development; integrated approach beyond the mean integrated using a variety of ways to achieve their total accumulated leap, through certain areas or projects on the leap across the stage to achieve the development process.

Peng said to achieve the path of air and space operations to be combined with Chinese characteristics, "China is now the advantages of certain space, but there is a gap with the United States, our Air Force at this stage to accomplish two missions: mission and mechanization information mission, the Air Force has completed the mechanization. "

But he notes that, although we started the integration process space late in the other military powers, but the late start is not equal to the low starting point, "Our starting point than the United States, Russia and other countries also higher, but the pace of development than their faster. "

In 1979, the Soviet Union Marshal Ogarkov that predicted a "new military technological revolution." As science and technology, Marshall 1993, U.S. defense officials have suggested that "new military revolution" instead of "military-technical revolution." Since then, around the theory of a new revolution in military affairs also will vigorously expand to the original spontaneous phenomenon turned into a revolution in military affairs under the guidance of the theory of conscious action.

"The new military revolution, many of the traditional concept of subversion: Marine decisive concept, mechanical-led concept, firepower winning concept and the Air Force to Air Force as the Air Force as the main concept of the air, etc., this new concept, it has long been adopted in China . "'s deep-rooted, Air and Space Integration" Big Air "will be the key to real-led wars.

"However, we still a defensive national territory, 'big air' ideas, but also to the basic premise of defensive to consider." He stressed. (From China Military Report Source: Oriental Outlook Weekly)

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