Definitely a conspiracy: the United States selects the naval base for China

Definitely a conspiracy: the United States selects the naval base for China

Recently, the United States,Jamestown Foundation, the famous American think tank in its official presentation in "Good" as the Chinese have chosen six is said to be the most ideal naval base.

Article that the Chinese navy in the Gulf of Aden as the implementation of the naval escort mission, China needs to establish the right in the Indian Ocean maritime supply point, to escort ships to the necessary support to maintain the security of maritime commerce channel. Oman Celera from Hong Kong to the Gulf of Aden, from Singapore to Karachi, in fact, that is, a few years ago been speculation China's "sea pearl chain" simply refurbished versions constantly.

Well, Americans gave us such a long list out the list, so the appropriate geographic advantage really can naval base our choice of option? The answer is no.

First, a country's choice of overseas military bases, not a mere geographical location, it should be by a national strategic intent and strategic forces and bases in the host country's overall national strength, foreign policy, choice of interests to be. So, we must first be clear about our strategic forces and intent?

Remember, our country's navy rushed to the Gulf of Aden a place far away, can not be just to deal with that small band of black uncle thief. In this way we improve our rotation, ocean-going naval combat force, the sea is the main artery of this world to achieve our military presence, is prepared when necessary to cut off our enemies and potential adversaries of the energy vessels.

See here, we should understand why did India, Japan, South Korea to see our Navy ships in the Indian Ocean when the frantic of the reason.

From the present and for a long period of time, we do large scale ocean-going navy in accelerating the transition, I believe that in the last 2 - 3 years of our carrier battle groups into the military can.

However, one can not dispute the fact is that our naval forces will continue to lag behind the U.S., even if we are equipped with four or more aircraft carrier battle group. And this not only limited to the equipment behind the quantity and quality.

We use tactics and fighting quality has had an enormous gap. Therefore, the future maritime conflicts will inevitably fall into our disadvantage, and this is the choice we made naval base in high demand.

War, Oman and Yemen Gulf of Aden port Celera is very difficult to become a supply point. Djibouti is impossible, the United States, France, Japan and other countries of the army estimates in the first time can tanks rolled into our base barracks.

Singapore too far away, especially in shaping the country swing, China has a very strong guard. We never expect our common ancestry with the text of Chinese people in this country can take the moral.

As for Colombo, Sri Lanka seemed to take it a good choice, unfortunately it is too close from India to Asan belly chicken intestine, they certainly are not backing down. We have little warning time.

Only left the port of Karachi in Pakistan. Karachi is the most familiar to the Chinese Navy's military port, especially with Pakistan F-22P frigates from China's introduction of our ships for nearly two days ago, Karachi was a serious of violent conflict, at least 65 people died in the conflict.

Karachi is the most important Banan Department but also one of the most volatile region in which al-Qaeda, the opposition political forces and other deep-rooted. The hasty intervention would lead to our urgent need to deterioration of the situation, continue to occur in the Chinese workers were kidnapped and assaulted is proof. In contrast, Gwadar advantages far more than Karachi.

We need to face only one opponent, the United States. All our choices are based on the basis of a strong opponent. We can hardly imagine that we can re-open sea on the aircraft carrier U.S. aircraft carrier launched with a duel between master and win.

We only rely on a reliable base of relying, in our geographic area can be delineated within the field of choice. This is a cruel fact, but almost is our only choice. Unless in the future because of the war across the Taiwan Strait, we can delay the US-Japan reinforcements to those firms and sacrifice of our aircraft carriers, or any person not to act hastily to terminate our right to dream of the sea.

Young Chinese Navy, you ready to hit the right Happening! (From China Military Report )

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