Libyan leader: the real reason for choosing China without hesitation

In the interview, Gaddafi made it clear that Libya is a good friend of China, Libya, in support of safeguarding China's interests to do a lot of work to convince some countries to establish political relations with China, or the recognition of one China. He also considered within the recent visit to China.

Hello everybody, welcome to today's "situation dialogue", I am Anthony Yuen. In the last week, we have mysterious Gaddafi of Libya with its leader, opened a mysterious veil, so that our domestic audience for the first time to close this person access to the Gaddafi, the Libyan this country . We went to the shooting team span of Trinidad Tripoli, Libya's capital, we have a lot of thoughts and feelings, there are many small places do we feel this country better than ordinary, such as speaking, our street in Libya, we are in the streets of China must make the car, but we actually met in the streets of Tripoli, the car makes such a civilization, move, let a state of shock. Moreover, the local people who drive cars while many, but the car or walking, people seemed not so impetuous, the country's happiness index beyond our imagination. So in these circumstances, we've made it after this show, we received a lot of repercussions, many people still are Western countries, the impact of Western media, saying that Gaddafi is a tyrant, authoritarian people But most of the audience for us to bring each and every Chinese family Gaddafi, the family living room every audience, in front of the TV to see when he answered our questions that, very thoughtful, and very fine Sound-spoken condition, we have a new step in his understanding. Today, we once again you play our next episode of this interview, let him come in person to talk about, he was the United States, the African Union, to China's views on various issues, we look at the first paragraph of his talk. (Hereinafter referred to Nguyen Anthony Yuen, Gaddafi called cards)

Nguyen: Let me interested is that you have previously mentioned Afghanistan, the situation facing the country, as the leader of an Islamic state, how do you think the U.S. can calm in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Palestinian dispute?

Card: U.S. withdrawal from these countries, which is Obama announced, and has already begun, and they handed over to the Afghan people in Afghanistan to manage, leave Iraq to the Iraqi people to manage, Iraq that Afghanistan worth mentioning, are not pose a threat to the United States or the world, but on the threat to world peace is the so-called Israel, only allow it to possess weapons of destruction does not allow other countries have such weapons, which is source of the threats. Threat does not come from Iraq and Afghanistan, threats from the Middle East.

Nguyen: your opinion, what is the situation of the Palestinians? How should the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the United States?

Card: The United States should work to make 4 million people were deported back to their homes, and in that area to build a democratic country to give up religious and racial discrimination.

Commentary: Libya is a multi-ethnic country, the Arab population of about 84% of the total population, there are other Egyptians, Tunisians and the Berbers. "91" after the revolution, Libya has always stressed that with the African and Islamic countries to strengthen cooperation, advocates of African Unity and Arab Unity. Gaddafi has always insisted that justice, equality, respect for national sovereignty and noninterference in each other's internal affairs based on criteria such as a new international order, against the big powers control international affairs. September 1999, Gaddafi proposed the establishment of "African Union" idea, he stressed, including United Nations reform in Africa should be united on major issues, to "speak with one voice." January 2001, in Gaddafi's driven by the formal establishment of the African Union.

Nguyen: I know you are published in the declaration, you have tried to establish the African Union like the European Union to achieve the purpose of unified views of African countries, for this process, what are your immediate objectives?

Card: My aim is to enable Africa to have seats in the UN Security Council, although the United Nations and the Council also did not carry out reforms, but this is the right of Africa, even if the UN does not reform, establishment of the African Union also contribute to world peace, we urge the friendly Chinese give support to the world the voice of African Unity, in order to allow Africa to have the ability to defend itself, in order to free Africa from slavery.

Nguyen: You advocate the establishment of the African Union and the Central Bank unified judiciary. This process already started? Still remains to be carried out?

Cards: We have decided to establish a unified central bank, and into the constitution, we have also established the African Monetary Fund and efforts to make it operational as soon as possible.

Explanation: The African Union is the second since the establishment of the European Union, but also an important regional country alliances, but also of political, economic, and military as one of the continent-wide political entity. Today, the African Union has 53 members, the AU flag on behalf of 53 stars. This is closely surrounded by 53 stars of the map of Africa to the green to symbolize the end of life and hope, symbolizes Africa is a continent of hope.

In recent years, the African Union in maintaining regional security, regional wars and conflict mediation has taken positive action, thus avoiding the security situation in some countries further deteriorated; They also promote the Member States to strengthen infrastructure, attract foreign investment and for and assistance to promote economic integration in the continent. "Speak with one voice" has become the main theme of the African Union has been.

Commentary: recent British Prime Minister, the new Prime Minister, when Cameron visited the United States, the United States, some members of Congress have asked for the Cameron Lockerbie incident to launch a new investigation, they recommended by the U.S. government to help Britain, to carry out investigation, because it was the death of the Lockerbie air disaster of the 270 individuals mostly Americans, but this proposal was flatly rejected Cameron, he said that this matter has been by the Scottish Parliament, has been made, and has been thoroughly investigated, and I did not necessary to listen to another country, the survey will know the result. Of course, we all know, the year in terms of the Lockerbie air disaster is a catastrophe on the Gaddafi, because he to this matter by the United Nations sanctions, and finally spent billions of dollars of compensation expense to resolve this problem, of course, we would like from inside his mouth, and then continue to learn, in the end of Libya in other countries, the current Foreign Affairs, has China, his view of how, he thought how, for other foreign countries come to what he is currently kind of the point. We continue to look at the section of his interview.

Commentary: The accusations by the international community and the sanctions have ten years, Libya's economic development difficult. 2003 United Nations lifted sanctions against Libya, Gaddafi actively pursuing economic reform policies, economic situation in Libya from a qualitative leap. In recent years, more and more of the Libyan importer of Chinese goods into the Libyan market, China began to import crude oil to Libya, bilateral economic and trade cooperation has begun to step forward.

Ruan: China's rising economic strength, the impact on the world stage is also growing. So you, you foreign policy with China, what decision-making?

Card: We are China's best friend, and we belong to one camp - the third world, China is not the imperialist countries, not the colonial state nor the capitalist countries, Libya, to win more friends and support to safeguard China's interests to do a lot of work, many African countries have had political relations with Taiwan, and China, but no, we do a lot of work to convince those countries, and promote the establishment of political relations between them and The People's Republic of China, but in economic and trade fields, Chinese mainland and Taiwan has close contact in this regard they have a very good economic relations, such as Taiwan and China yesterday signed a historic trade deal, but we urge States to recognize the one China.

Nguyen: Will you visit China in the near term?

Cards: Yes. I'm thinking.

Nguyen: Libya and China's exchanges in the economic field what strategy or policy?

Card: Of course, China needs to Libya, Libya is required to provide to the Chinese oil and gas, and other resources of the country, we can cooperate in these areas.

Commentary: In the streets of Libya, we are not hard to find merchandise department stores bearing Chinese characters. From August 1978 China established formal diplomatic relations with Libya since the two countries have maintained friendly diplomatic relations. According to local Chinese, said a few years ago in Libya 30 years ago just as the period of reform and opening up, like China, undone; them shelter homes, construction of oil and gas pipelines, railways and urban infrastructure projects, it is holding billions of dollars of contracts beckon to the world, but this time, committed to "going out" of the Chinese construction companies, relying on the friendly relations between the two countries would not be difficult to Libya, "Denver" opportunities.

Ruan: China's relations with many African countries are very close, you think China can help your country?

Card: Yes, yes. I said that it should develop relations with China rather than Taiwan, should adhere to the one-China position. In fact, the hard power of the United States is interfering in other countries, China is not, it is a mild way. We should develop relations with China, and China to cooperate. But they are Chinese complaining that China has begun human resources of colonial Africa, the Chinese companies into the Chinese labor workers in Africa, after the end of the project in the works to let the workers scattered and remain in Africa, so in the near future, large quantities of Chinese people will come to Africa, it seems, is colonization of human resources. They say there is no difference between the U.S. and China, the United States by force, the military conducted colonial, and China's human. Advocated the idea that the West and make the expansion, said, "You Africans will not only suffer the colonial population of China, but also let you grab the resources of China, emptying your mine, an endless stream of removed minerals, only to leave you one seat empty mountains. For China, denial, opposition to no avail, need to re-evaluate their policies and make improvements. This is my friend's advice to China. This helps the development of future relations between China and Africa, and now does not deal with these things will lead to dangerous consequences. This is the Western countries wanted to see, they have their purpose.

You see the events in Algeria, they use this as an example, Algeria and China against Chinese workers live in the riots, I fear the same thing will repeat in other areas staged. In this case, we will destroy all of us and a bridge between China and can not give our enemies a chance. I stress again that only the denial of no avail, but should re-evaluate the policy.

Nguyen: I would like to ask Mr President a more interesting question: If you want to make a choice between the two countries, which country do you think is more reliable?

Cards: There is no doubt, without hesitation, is China.


We passed two days, two weeks of the Gaddafi made the personal interview after the broadcast, you may Gaddafi this person for his diplomatic thinking, thinking of his affairs, his administrative philosophy with a preliminary understanding, particularly in African countries to China he carried out various political and economic cooperation, he has his personal views. I personally feel that he has proposed, there are many views, our country was listening to people who may be uncomfortable, looked uncomfortable, but I think we must start to understand his point of view some African countries in our view in the end how, no chance for improvement of the Mian. In particular, he mentioned that many of our businessmen to Africa after locally, not coming back, not back, then on a particular African countries, causing psychological or social conditions on the shadow. After some of these investigations we have some areas where we have such a thing, we have many small business to some African countries, trafficking in counterfeit products, China's image caused us a lot of negative adverse effects, then this kinds of situations in the future how we can improve this area, not because we have a variety of African countries, economic or political assistance to the people of Africa have questioned the local state, have worries. So some of us, especially African countries, we have a lot to him military aid or economic assistance, we have, our times, it may only be able to hear the good side, because people are telling us that good things But like Gaddafi so he can raise another thought, perhaps worthy of our reference, we do not think we can only hear one voice, we need to listen to the voice synthesis, so it anyway, kaza Philippine Finally, I asked him, do you think, if you choose to do so, do you think the United States or China and reliable and reliable, he did not hesitate to speak, of course, is reliable, in other words, we are in his reckoning, China is still a reliable friends, so being the case, he put forward our recommendations in China, we also wish to listen.

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