United States is eager for a war with China, China should avoid its edge

Design words: People's Liberation Army received orders for emergency action

United States

Aggressive posture from the recent view of the United States, the United States eager to create trouble, seek to defeat China in the sea, to achieve hegemony purposes.

With the enhancement of China's naval forces, the original Japanese and Korean can not stop China and India break through the first island chain, the United States to restrict China's development means that fewer and fewer. The United States bogged down in Iraq and the quagmire of the war in Afghanistan, the economic recovery is slow or even backwards again, and solve many problems at home and abroad means that hit China. China's economy in the heat and cool the U.S. economy, in stark contrast, old age and energy of Russia in addition to arms sales have been a no offices, as long as the good, who is the boss, in U.S. eyes China is already the greatest threat to the United States. Jews in business by the threat of the Chinese people, the Jews would like to remove the threat of Chinese businessmen monopolize the Chinese market, the United States is Jewish lackeys, just a war with China, the United States.

The U.S. military has never lacked the determination to fight with China.

A wipe out Korean war, the shame of the Vietnam War, two battles at sea is their hands that play, they think that the Chinese navy than the Japanese navy might as well have absolute odds to defeat the Chinese. Third, the local wars in recent years the United States won the war, from which many benefits, morale is booming. Fourth, in recent years, the war that the United States or global leadership, and has no power to contend with. Bombing of Serbia, also tried to hit the Chinese embassy, the shooting war in Iraq, the Russian embassy convoy. 5, the United States troops and weapons now, or to force other countries follow. 6, the Army is no match for China, but you can win at the naval air force at China. 7, the United States has completed the strategic encirclement of China. From Afghanistan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea siege has been completed.

China is now the internal contradictions, corruption, factional fighting, and unemployment for many, the war and the blockade would seriously undermine social stability, and the Chinese Communist Party rule.

1, in particular, China's political reform is now a crucial time, anti-corruption fight against corruption touched a lot of vested interests, they most likely sell out the Chinese to invest in the United States, and these vested interests are often the real authority.

Second, China is to complete the process of free capitalism, monopoly capitalism moving forward, once the completion of this stage in China, the United States even more difficult lesson to her.


Russia go on the road to economic recovery is not smooth, the traditional market is occupied by China, military, aerospace and other fields in China to catch up to. Several times around the United States in its color revolution, and local wars, the Russian feel the suffocating pressure of the United States, around the unstable political situation in the Russian economy and business can not develop. To maintain the present situation can only continue to sell national resources, resource depletion, when only die.

Russia, U.S. to catch up with the pace of the best is looking at U.S. case of war, because it will be a long war, the two countries would be a lose-lose, which side will take the initiative in the Russian hands backward, there are a lot of political chips . And the South China Sea with oil.

American war also greatly increased the Russian arms exports. Therefore, Russia actively intervene in the South China Sea thing, again by hand in Vietnam to contain China and ASEAN, when necessary, the Americans inserted knife.

Is not the formation of socialist Russia joined the United States is absolutely possible, when the partition of the Qing Dynasty in China, there are forces in Russia and the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom can replace the role of the United States against China following the completion of all U.S. strategic encirclement. Between China and Russia is also a soldier 50 years ago, Feng contrast, the United States and Russia jointly defeat of China, the United States are generally not an infringement of Chinese territory, but Russia can occupy large areas of territory in northern China, to carve up China, and expand influence.


In the face of the threat of war, the absolute test of the ruling party's ability to balance all forces, the use of political means to resolve the crisis properly too!

First, the Chinese weapons and technology lagged far behind the United States. Hit sea and air combat is not the courage to solve the problem alone. China in this regard is a serious lack of experience.

To the current situation should observe not only offensive, but only trampled over weakness, resulting in gradual erosion of the powers of China, will eventually lose all.

Second, ASEAN and other traditional allies of the United States is not accidental backward group, who will see the strength of strong and weak sides, it must be the result of the United States and Russia together.

Third, there must be key sectors of the domestic traitors scum, opposition forces. Most likely to seize the public opinion, people dressed in good clothes. Should be good relations in key sectors, such as a gun forces and the nuclear submarine force. Heavy concentration of provinces and cities over the armed forces and so on. Likely to use government to attack the government of corruption and other acts of rebellion.

Fourth, despite the well against separatist forces, popular indignation, but the influence and destructive power is still not small.

Fifth, many countries are standing on the sidelines, are fence-sitters, as long as signs of failure, will be completely isolated.


1, provoke Russian-US relations, so that the war back to Russia.

2, funding anti-American forces to strengthen anti-American, against the United States (The danger is not to fall handles)

3, as quickly as other domestic forces, unity of thought, full coverage.

4, create major events to divert attention at home and abroad, do not look Asian.

5, the re-use of the principle of nuclear weapons if China was a nuclear attack, can counter with nuclear weapons, together with its allies to participate in the destruction. Reduction in the participating countries is likely to lead to the U.S. war disillusionment.

6, using European powers to contain the United States, (closer relationship with Germany and France) do not want the U.S. dominance in Europe.

7, abandon fantasy actively preparing. But it must be within the tight loose outside, does not affect economic development, after all, the United States does not really want to play, maybe just want to drag the slow economy.

8, the appropriate sign of weakness, compromise on quality, I believe the U.S. is already dying, as long as we live longer than it is victory.

9, slowing the pace of China's economic growth, focusing on a smooth transition. Housing prices, increased oil prices, production costs, reduced export tax rebates.

10, focusing on livelihood support for the people.

11, the Joint Taiwan, slow down on the South China Sea and Okinawa's territorial claims. For the time being the status quo. The enemy advances, we retreat into the enemy retreats. Combined with folk, the Government does not come forward. To maintain the previous practice.

12, not to power itself, keeping a low profile.

13, to strengthen ties and cooperation with Russia for a number of battles to fight with Russia, joint operations. And vigorous advocacy.

14, to accelerate development of new weapons, a comprehensive treatment to improve research funding and personnel.

15, to strengthen ties with ASEAN, the establishment of mutual trust and understanding system.

16, to strengthen intelligence gathering and infiltration and. Support Indonesia's anti-American forces.

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