"Kill the Chinese," How many U.S. aircraft carrier?

U.S. Naval mixed formation towards the Sea of Japan, nuclear submarines open circuit in front

Recently, for "Tian number" explosion sank, as to "send a clear message to North Korea, to Pyongyang to cease its provocative behavior." U.S. and South Korea in the Sea of Japan launched a vigorous called "indomitable will" anti-submarine exercises, scale unprecedented. U.S. and South Korea both sides deployed a total of more than 8,000 people and 20 ships participated, including the U.S. aircraft carrier "George Washington" and another 200 fixed-wing aircraft. Concern that the United States dispatched a heavy-duty F22 Raptor fighter, with supersonic cruise, over the horizon combat, stealth, all-weather, air and ground combat set in the 21st century the most expensive four-generation fighter plane.

Before the US-ROK To test the effect, South Korea as a U.S. mouthpiece, time and again intentionally or unintentionally send the wrong message to China, actually want to be asking for trouble, the aircraft diverted to the Yellow Sea to cheer their weight, put up a front? Thus affects the nerves of the Chinese people, history and hatred, national sentiments, especially those with four or five hundred million Chinese Internet users, without exception, will not be aloof to wave after wave of strong opposition, criticisms, obviously this is a threat the gateway to northern China, the Chinese government than strong objections, the military also refused to yield, military exercises held in the East China Sea, aimed at tight deployment, combat readiness. Korea and the U.S. will exercise even later change in the Sea of Japan, but also easy to see the usual American tactics, strategic deception ...

Goes, say, lay watch the fun, professional and subtle. The United States a "George Washington" aircraft carrier on its usefulness, especially for China? Then please take a look at "George Washington" carrier configuration: ship carrying more than 60 planes F-18 "Hornet" fighter, Super Hornet fighter aircraft, E-2C "Hawkeye" early warning aircraft, together with the 9000 ton Aegis destroyer crony "麦克坎贝尔 "number and" John McCain "was, nuclear submarines, there are four Aegis cruisers, seven destroyers, 1 and 2 nuclear-powered submarines composition.

Single one such carrier, can alone combat, by all-weather precision strike the other 14 hours, for a small country, the only one effort on all military installations can be paralyzed, caught in helpless situation. But there is a premise, as explained in talking about a small country like Afghanistan or Iraq.

If they have nuclear-capable Taepodong North Korea to say, martial arts do not fully spent, as long as the opportunity to give a counter, just a missile to Win, will be a devastating blow to the aircraft carrier! In other words, to deal with countries like North Korea, at least two aircraft carrier with more still invisible, be possible to completely collapse Jin Jiazheng Governance Group counterattacks. But also the default of a premise, China in this process must remain neutral.

So how will China deal with, usually an aircraft carrier battle with another aircraft carrier as necessary to support and cover supply, replacement, and supply an aircraft carrier group will take three to four days, we can imagine how difficult is beyond imagine, by the time, resources, manpower and material resources ...

The carrier assembly according to the time spent calculating the time being, in the end how many aircraft carriers need to really be able to assemble the bottom buttoned China? To be precise, in China has 9.6 million square kilometers of land, the United States to completely ban Chinese, China totally did not want to be prohibitively difficult to fight back.

Speculated that the only way, in China does not possess ICBMs, long-range missiles, or did not have a mobile shelter capacity, nuclear submarines do not have a second and third counter, as well as China does not have the hunting satellite capacity and so on, so get rid of the Chinese Government to the United States have six more aircraft carriers to cope with only so-so won, or only on paper.

In view of this, according to China now has a four-dimensional long-range military strike, unless the United States to self-mutilation, or would like to settle in China, the Chinese kill? Asked the United States eat more, "turnip" it!

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