China Defense Chief Liang Guanglie stance phase of Japan's defense: Can not never have a Chinese aircraft carrier

March 20, 2009, Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Liang (right) welcomes Japan's defense minister

Liang (left), accompanied by Japan's defense minister reviewed the guard of honor of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
According to the Japanese side said Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie Day 20 in Beijing, met with the visiting Japanese Defense chief Hamada said that the major powers were not the only Chinese carrier, China should not never have a carrier.
Japanese media reported yesterday, Liang said China has a vast marine territory, guarding a heavy responsibility; Chinese naval power necessary to develop the weaker, stressed the need to have the aircraft carrier. He also pointed out that the construction of aircraft carriers must be taken into account various factors.
Hamada Japanese side did not convey this concern.
In fact, China's Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Xueping yellow at the end of last year to introduce the PLA Navy, the Gulf of Aden, Somalia sea escort mission when the situation had said that the Chinese government will also consolidate all factors carefully studied considering the construction of aircraft carrier problems. Regarding the construction of Chinese aircraft carrier is re-triggered overseas media attention. "Aircraft carrier are a nation's comprehensive strength performance, but also a country specific requirements of naval power. China has vast coastal areas and territorial seas, the main direction of the sea to protect national security, safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial seas the territorial sea rights and interests of Chinese armed forces are sacred duties. Chinese General Government will be various factors to consider the problem serious study. "he said.
Hamada yesterday also visited the Tianjin People's Liberation Army No. 196 Brigade, and watched the firing exercises. Hamada heard at the brigade took part in the Sino-Japanese War and the Korean War, etc. After the introduction, to observe the automatic rifles, artillery, mortar fire fighting training and training.

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