J-10 fighters successfully made an emergency landing, reflecting the quality of the high performance fighter

General reported that the Chinese F-10 fighter has suddenly encountered a failure during training, at the success of the efforts of the pilots made an emergency landing. Aviation experts said that the successful disposal of this type have also tested the high performance of quality fighters. 104 seconds the engine air parking successful forced landing According to China Central Television news, the Air Force force regiment, deputy head of special-class pilot, Li Feng, Jian-10 fighter planes at driving flight training when the plane suddenly encountered a transmission failure caused by engine air parking. Him by virtue of excellent psychological quality and flight techniques, soul-stirring 104 seconds after the successful landing for the country to avoid a loss on billion. In this regard, "Liberation Army Daily" quoted experts as saying the aviation maintenance, the major success of the disposal of special circumstances to avoid a serious flight accidents, collect valuable new planes made an emergency landing and air-slip data, follow-up training to deal with dangerous situations similar to the experience accumulated also tested the aircraft's excellent performance quality. It was learned that the fighters have the intelligent control system, redundant degrees Attitude Heading Reference System and larger space than Waterloo, in order to defuse the dangerous situation pilots successfully laid a solid material foundation. Armed forces around the world with new-type aircraft fitted out early are prone to serious flight accidents. Prior to that, Li had different airspace Analog empty Waterloo had made an emergency landing data calculation and meticulous research and the successful implementation of a simulated space flight made an emergency landing slip. F-10 performance how? F-10 fighter planes are produced in China has independently developed third-generation fighter aircraft, in January 5, 2007 in Beijing, the official debut to the outside world. The fighters are divided into single-seater, two-seater two adopted many new technologies, new techniques, and its air superiority to attack mainly the implementation of both air-to-surface, air-to-sea precision strike capability. F-10 a top speed of 1350 kilometers, the largest combat radius of 1,600 km, if coupled with air refueling, and its combat radius can also doubled, Chinese Air Force is currently out of main equipment installed. Premium Air Force pilot, F-10 chief test pilot Leiqiang to accept the "Guangzhou Daily" interview, he said, from the combat mission, platform characteristics, the F-10 did not lower than the third generation of foreign fighters. From long-range combat capability, the F-10 and F16, Su-27 rather, mobility and Su-27, rather higher than the F16, the -29 meter can not compared with the F-10. It is reported that F-10 can be at 80 km range of the missile launch, so "first found the enemy, the enemy attacks first, first to escape the enemy," "In other words, the enemy is often not found already in the scope of F-10 attack inside. "
J-10 fighter jets have been put into air force troops, and has organized a stunt fighting, ground attack, stand-alone offense, two-plane air combat, formation attacks, missile attacks and a wide range of topics such as defensive tactics training, and organizations also attended many of the complex weather conditions emergency mobile, remote, long-range strike, air confrontation, sea and air joint operations and the complex electromagnetic environment of the full, full loaded, all the elements, the whole process of confrontation training, than the original plan to shorten the half the time the formation of combat capability. Test period, the F-10 fighter jets had to create a "zero down" and wonder. However, the F-10 project administration commander-in-chief Liu Gaozhuo earlier accepted an interview with Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV on admits that the engine of the F-10 belong to three generations of a typical engine, compared with foreign advanced fighters are still relatively weak, then embarked on the development of the Fourth China-made generation fighter. National Day military parade debut possible Lifted the veil from the mysterious to the present, the F-10 fighter planes are military message has been a hot topic for fans. CPPCC National Committee members, Zhu Di Zhu Sun Peace at the Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" visit revealed that this year the 60th anniversary of the National Day parade will line-up over the years are the most powerful in a military parade, all the weapons on display are domestic, but also the most advanced, including formation of F-10 fighter planes will debut.

F-10 production type is still used Russian-made AL-31FN turbofan engine, the better engine reliability, small size large thrust.

In accordance with the traditional view, a single hair fighter safety must be less than the double-fighters, because once the engine stopping, single room for little fighter. However, this type of F-16 fighter planes appeared after the third-generation, advanced degrees redundant line control system and high reliability of the turbofan engine, so that a single fighter safety and reliability has not necessarily equate.

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