Turkey will spend $ 4 billion to buy air defense systems, Chinese enterprises entered the finalist

The Turkish government will ignore NATO warned that China and Russia, the production of two anti-aircraft missile system into the final list of procurement options.

Turkey plans to spend $ 4 billion to purchase a new set of long-range air defense missile system to respond to changes in the situation in the region. There are four products in Turkey, the list of procurement options: PAC-3 Patriot missile system, the Russian S-400 air defense missile system, the SAMP-T missile system developed by the cooperation of France and Italy as well as Chinese production HQ-9 system.

HQ-9 air defense missile,HQ-9 missile

HQ-9 air defense missile system

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at July 4, presided over the Committee meeting of the defense industry, this order eventually gets will make a decision at the meeting. The reason why the Turkish government decided to purchase a remote air defense missile system is intensive because of the Turkish area similar to a remote system deployment, Turkey had to renew their equipment.

Previously, Western officials familiar with the affairs of NATO, NATO will be strongly opposed to the Turkish procurement system of Russia and China will not be allowed to connect to NATO information systems, procurement, Many Western officials and experts said the system of Russia and China and NATO systems are not compatible. Nevertheless, Turkey did not the two countries excluded from the list of candidates outside.

Turkey is a NATO member, but in recent years, relations with China to enhance. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan just visited China in April this year. While Russia and NATO in recent years has been the anti-missile system dispute over Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday that Russia intends to continue to actively improve the defense capabilities. He said that although Russia is inclined to the United States to change its plans to deploy missile defense system in Europe, but Russia still have ample opportunities to the plan to take the fight back measures.

NATO had already decided to build anti-missile defense system in Turkey, and X-band missile launch early warning radar deployed in the eastern part of the country. Although NATO has never been officially future missile threats come from, but experts generally agreed that the main purpose of the deployment of early warning radar in Turkey in order to prevent Iran. While the construction of a unified air defense system with NATO, Turkey is also seeking to establish their own national air defense system to protect against aircraft and ballistic missiles, including a variety of air threats.

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