China will get overlord status of rocket launcher in the world

The latest SR-5 rocket on display in China reflects the many new features, the most representative of that subsection rockets in stereotypes stage to the effective integration of 122mm and 300mm rockets, and the model rocket with its own refillable ability . The Chinese army, the SR-5 rocket indicates with a more flexible and effective strike capability. China's foreign military sales, representing the world's highest levels of SR-5 rocket, or indicate that China will get sales to dominance of the world rockets.

SR-5 Rocket Launcher

SR-5 Rocket Launcher

First of all, ammunition and systems integration to enhance the new features of the SR-5 rockets. Recently, at a defense exhibition, China exhibited a wheel called the SR-5 rockets. The rockets gives an intuitive feeling is very similar to the latest model of US-made HIMARS self-Launch Rocket System. Compared with US-made rocket, SR-5 rocket in China not only has its own rocket launcher module loading retractable hanger equipment 5 to 6 with large-caliber rocket launchers (American HIMARS rocket launchers used in the U.S. standard 273mm rocket launcher, taking into account the caliber rockets only a small amount adopted in the 1980s, the Type 83 and the WM-80 on their own rockets, SR-5 rockets used or China is now a lot of equipment. 300mm diameter launch tube), in parallel position to integrate the 20 traditional 122mm caliber rocket launchers. For this reason, the SR-5 rocket to become the world's first in a single system, the effective integration of large and medium-caliber rocket launcher tube rocket launchers, have the advanced technology, even if the United States and Russia the short term it is difficult to hold a candle. From the practical point of view, a high degree of SR-5 type of rockets and ammunition and system integration will enable the Chinese Army was an unprecedented setback flexibility.

Secondly, the SR-5 rockets to make the Army more flexible strike capability. Contrast to the United States and Russia and other traditional Lujun Jiang country, China's rocket development is its own unique characteristics, large-caliber long-range rocket technology, is still vigorously develop small and medium-caliber short-range rockets. The main reason for this difference is that, in the past long period of time, the Chinese short-range ballistic missile technology has been immature, in the Army's wartime artillery preparation and the fire suppression process, the rockets play importance than the extension tube The role of the artillery. With the widely suppressed during the Cold War on the short-range ballistic and the end of the Cold War, the former had taken the practice of great importance to rocket an unexpected success. Simple guidance device for the retrofitting of various calibres, rockets, rocket launchers have been able to perform all of the 0 to 400km range strike missions. Faced with this technology opportunity, only China is able to use them effectively. SR-5 rockets in fact be regarded as a microcosm of China's rocket development thinking. SR-5 rockets, the Chinese did not like the United States, through its integration of short-range ballistic and make it have some functions of the strategic and non-rocket launchers. On the contrary, through the integration of 122mm caliber in caliber in the entire system rockets, to make the rockets more intense tactical attributes, tactics to combat the effect of a more comprehensive, thereby enabling the Chinese Army in the future of any size, any form of combat environments, access to more flexible and effective strike capability.

Third, the SR-5 rockets will enable China to dominate the world market for rockets arms sales. Previously mentioned, the open-SR-5 rocket pictures from the point of view, the integration of the 122mm and 300mm caliber rocket launchers. The former number of the equipment in the world, and after a system technology upgrade, the caliber rockets striking range by the first 20km increased to 40km. The latter, only a small number of countries equipped to fight large-caliber rockets, combat range can be extended to about 100km. Through the analysis of current international rockets market demand is not difficult to find such a tendency, on the one hand, thanks to the 122mm caliber rocket technology upgrades, has its competent battlefield strike missions. The old original launch platform and boot device is serious and needs to be updated. On the other hand, subject to the factors of instability in the region are gradually emerging in almost all countries hope to get a certain range tactical strike capability and a range of over 100km range rockets is the best option. Lu Junjiang country to face these two requirements, the United States and Russia to provide equipment to be met, In contrast, SR-5 rocket passed to these countries continue to rocket launchers and updating of such an information, if the procurement of Chinese rockets , just to spend a money to effectively meet the operational requirements of the two aspects. Compared to the practices of the United States and Russia to face the different needs of individual equipment, rockets will undoubtedly rely on higher technology-based integrated performance and get a clear advantage on the world market for rockets arms sales.

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