China's new fighter in transit, may be a new stealth fighter

Recently a Chinese army fans took the photos of a Chinese new fighter aircraft in transport. from the photo, this type of fighter was wrapped tightly by camouflage canvas, its specific model is unknown.

Chinese fifth generation fighter

Many Chinese military forums showed analysis on this fighter: "This aircraft is not large in size, mature in design, judging based on the whole machine's size, it takes the conventional layout of the wing, large flat tail, tilt pairs of the tail up and down 17 meters of the captain, height 5 meters from top to bottom, with a wingspan of about 12 m, empty weight about 12 tons. "

Some one said: "in accordance with a judgment of the airfoil, its similar to the double engines Xiaolong fighter with trapezoidal wings, behind sweep angles are same Xiaolong's, probably about 42 degrees. However, generally can see the photo, the nose edge side of the originator in the inlet on the side angles, higher than the inlet side of the exterior angle, ie, the head vortex skirted the fuselage spine, resulting in the effect of lift. the same time, the inlet side of the exterior angle, a small side edge vortices can produce double vortex integration compound effect does not rule out the nose eddy diffusion process integration and enhanced edge vortex vortex lift effect than Xiaolong coupled with the lifting body effect, in similar to the case of a main wing, the lift characteristics must Xiaolong. do not know the specific data. "

Chinese mysterious fighter

This machine's main wings were not unpacked in transport, this shows that the wings are forming one, very advanced material technology."

The stealth fighter maybe a new four-generation stealth fighter designed by AVIC Shenyang aircraft Corporation.

Chinese new fighter

Chinese four-generation machine

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