Japanese right wing clamor against China, which will make Japan doom once again

Japan's Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara launched the Tokyo government purchase of the Diaoyu Islands campaign is Sino-Japanese relations to a new round of tension. Ishihara, 12, claimed to be "ready" to do "field trips" over the Diaoyu Islands, he landed on the island is bound to a serious deterioration in the two countries already strained relations.

diaoyu dao, diaoyu islands

June 9, the civil right-wing group made sea inspection on the Diaoyu Islands.

Ishihara now is like holding a knife, stabbed in the normalization of diplomatic relations the 40th anniversary of the day kept the relations between the two countries hemorrhage. Relations between the two countries is more painful, more deformity of pleasure and excitement.

Ishihara, the entire 80-year-old, his students accumulated in Japanese society, most of them by provoking the Japanese people and external opposition and obtained. He is not only anti-China, anti-American, his view of the world on behalf of the Japanese national character is the darkest side.

Ishihara's life through the change from militarism to democracy, the experience of Japan's most tragic and most prosperous time. Filled with the spirit of evil fascist but his summary of the Japanese, he is a crazy advocate of strength doctrine to require Japan to possess nuclear weapons, hard-line against China and other countries friction with Japan. He is much like the modern Japanese "kamikaze" pilots drove thinking fighter.

In accordance with the aggressive and arrogant politicians referred to the road forward, Japan will likely eventually to a war with China, Japan will once again become the hotbed of the turmoil of Asia and the Pacific. But more important is that Japan will once again doom.

Shintaro Ishihara is one of the most toxic consequences of Japan's "democracy" bear. Allied occupation of Japan, there is no militarism in the country do to dig up the roots, leaving the toxin gradually in the Japanese intellectual and public opinion breathed year. Ishihara became one of the re-gather the axis of the defeat of Sadness in Japan. He gradually became like a thinking viper, on the one hand, the poison in Japan, on the one hand, the threat to the surrounding.

Ishihara and other extreme right-wing spiritual leaders in the re-for the Japanese cultivation of the soil of France, their patriotism in Japan with China and other neighbors to do the uncompromising fight against binding. With them, the Japanese, once the "re-emergence" is bound to be a disaster in Asia.

Ishihara politicians and the continued popularity in Japan, the Sino-Japanese relations in the past not the future can not be calm. As a close neighbor of Japan barbaric aggression in the modern history, China has just been restored, Ishihara said Japan's "threat". Ishihara, who under the influence of public opinion in Japan can not do empathy, experience China to face the feelings of the US-Japan, US-ROK and US-Australia military alliance.

The Ishihara Diaoyu Islands dispute to an extreme, is to force the Japanese government, is to force the Chinese. His in Tokyo to buy the Diaoyu Islands, plans to be implemented, China will make a fierce reaction, the Sino-Japanese diplomacy may set off the biggest waves in recent years because of his evil, or even "the Diaoyu Islands showdown.

Chinese do not want to confront, but China can be mobilized for the fight against the power of never less than that of Japan. Tokyo Prefecture farce true, Chinese society will require the Government to take tough counter-measures, and we believe that China has more than enough to Japan Ishihara editing software ", the final is like swallowing a flies.

Some Japanese history and current situation in Asia, as well as its geopolitical ability to maintain final point sober. Where the extreme right are now drunk drunken like a famous dish in southern China.

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