China to take advantage of the Western crisis, the situation of Western domination maybe end

The next five years will be the critical period of the evolution of world order, the critical period for China's own governance. The West by the crisis, and lack of an effective program to solve the problem, its position in the global power structure is in decline. Western countries, is widely believed that the transfer of power "theory, they are worried about the existing world order is not a pluralistic and diverse global order to replace, that is, become more disordered and chaotic.

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The situation of Western domination will end soon

The G20 is a Western organization and leadership, not a new order, it may be the beginning of a new order. The new order is characterized by a multi-polar, diverse and pluralistic. In the currency, dollars, euros, pounds, yen, yuan. World Bank, the Development Bank established by the emerging powers and regional monetary and financial arrangements. The decline of European regionalism, regional cooperation such as ASEAN and South America, regional integration may be enhanced.

2012, general election or general of the major world powers, countries in the new administration's foreign policy will be the key factor in the evolution of future world order. If the EU in the next five years is difficult to reverse the decline, the status and role of Europe in the world order will be greatly decreased. Putin's return to the presidency in 2012, Russia's national strength to continue to rise, will rise of its international status. 2012, no matter who is elected President of the United States will take all means to strive to maintain a "world leadership" and "free hegemony. "BRIC countries" gold may decline in the next five years, because they inevitably by the Western crisis. One of the consequences, "BRIC countries" joint strength is not enough to promote a new world order changes.

For China, whether we want the kind of world is orderly or disorderly, the old order or new order is a multi-polar, multiple, or the continuation of Western domination, the next five years are the critical period. This means that the next five years may be a turning point in the formation of a new world order, it could be the West trying to restore the critical period of the dominant position, more likely to be the future of the world further disorder transition period.

Whether China will play a greater role in the future world, the key lies in our ability to make good use of Western crisis. In other words, the crisis of the West may be our chance, and the success of Western crisis will determine the position of China in the future world order. China's domestic transformation, including economic restructuring, social progress, political reform, military transformation, the transformation of diplomacy in China towards the establishment of a new world order and the basis for seeking a more favorable position in this new world order.

In order to modify some of the principles of our foreign policy should be to a changing environment at home and abroad, need to be considered, such as "do not take the lead," "non-aligned" and "non-interference". Reflect and adjust our foreign policy principles and priorities, to modify these principles does not mean to abandon them, but to give more flexibility and applicability of these principles.

In the next five years, China should also pay attention to strengthening cooperation with the emerging powers, middle countries, small countries (small power), and proper handling of the conflict between their. At the same time, if strategic, historic adjust relations with the United States and Europe, prompting from global governance to Western global governance, global governance in order to truly contribute to the historic transformation of China's relations with the West. Want to do this, China has also asked the attractive and inspiring vision and goals, the future world order and global problem-solving program in the world.

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