China's new main battle tanks to debut in Europe International Defense Exhibition

2012 European International Defense Exhibition opened in the exhibition in Wheeler Pant, in the northern Paris on the 11th, which attracted more than 1,400 exhibitors from over 50 countries and regions to showcase their newly developed weapons and high-tech military equipment.

SR-5 Multiple Launch Rocket System

The SR-5 Multiple Launch Rocket System are firstly exhibited, equipped with 122 mm and 300 mm short tube rocket bomb, can be self-loading

The total area of ​​144,000 square meters of exhibition area, more than 1,400 well-known military enterprises and SMEs presents the visitors a wide range of advanced military products, both new tanks, unmanned aircraft, air defense missiles, radar, electronic warfare systems and other large equipment, precision rifles, antitank weapons, communications equipment, anti-chemical and biological radiation equipment, binoculars, night vision equipment and other small and medium-sized products.

During the exhibition, exhibitors will be held over more than 5000 commercial negotiations, discussions and exchanges with national experts on different parts of the industrial strategy and the hot topic.

own assault howitzer

WMA-029 120 mm own assault howitzer, WMA-301 105 mm self-propelled assault guns, 81 mm CS/SM-1 own mortars.

The countries participating in this year's event added to three, namely, Cyprus, Libya and Pakistan. As the host country, France has a total of 437 exhibiting companies, most of the exhibitors, the rest of the number of exhibitors more countries followed the United States, Germany, Britain and Israel. Chinese enterprises in 2010 for the first time to participate in the International Defense Exhibition in Europe this year, a total of more than 10 exhibiting companies.

Ma Qiang, assistant to the director of market management department of China North Industries Corporation, this is the second exhibition, launched a new main battle tanks, multi-barrel rocket launchers and "Dragon" air defense missile weapon system such as a number of internationally competitive military trade new products.

Europe International Defense Exhibition held every two years, has become one of the most important professional exhibitions in the field of defense. The other exhibition, the International Defense Exhibition in Europe only for the media and professionals, not open to the public. According to organizers, compared with the last show, the current participants of the number of exhibitors increased by 8%, and the exhibition area of ​​more than 135,000 square meters in 2010. The exhibition will be held on the 15th.

Chinese foreign trade tanks

China's new foreign trade tanks 125 mm artillery test

chinese main battle tank

A new foreign trade tank road test

China's Tiger armored vehicle

China's Tiger armored vehicle exhibition board

foreign trade tanks

Chinese foreign trade tanks

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