China Successfully Developed Anti Submarine Aircraft Y-8GX6

China militaryA photo of Chinese new anti-submarine aircraft Y -8GX6 appeared on a website in China recently.

A photo of anti-submarine aircraft Y-8GX6 just opened in China, it is said Chinese version P-3C patrol aircraft   

Y -8GX6 is a four-engine turboprop anti-submarine aircraft for Chinese Navy developed by the Chinese military system, installed radar system for monitoring surface in front of their body, while also set up optical / infrared sensors in front of its weapons bay. According the analysis from experts, Y -8GX6 was designed at least one weapons bay, used to carry sonar and other weapons systems such as depth charges, mines, torpedoes and anti-ship missiles.

Y -8GX6 tail structure and there are small differences in Y -8F600 - the latter end of the fairing is used to detect submarines equipped with magnetic anomaly detector. It is said that this new anti-submarine aircraft weight of 61 tons per hour cruising speed of 660 km and can carry more than 5 tons of detection equipment and weapons. Experts believe that the aircraft may be modeled on the U.S. part of the technology of P-3C patrol aircraft.

Y -8GX6 anti-submarine aircraft was developed based on Y-8F -600 AWACS, it may become one of Chinese naval major anti-submarine weapons in the future.

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