An Iran Engineer Disclosed The Secret That Seized The U.S. RQ -170 UAV

China militaryAn unidentified Iranian engineer recently disclosed the details that Iran shot down American RQ-170 "sentinel" UAV by the means of electronic warfare. On the same day, Russian customs intercepted 18 to Iran that the radioactive metal.

United States, "reported the Christian Science chien words" recently shot down on a claim in the U.S. RQ-170 "sentinel" UAV operations conducted an exclusive interview with Iranian engineers. The engineer said that Iran is using the U.S. military UAV GPS navigation system (GPS) defects, the success of these UAVs only "trick" to the Iranian territory.

An US UAV RQ-170 photoed at unknown location in Iran   

He said Iran seized from the previous use of other types of U.S. drone technology on access to information, cut off this "Sentinel" unmanned aerial vehicles and the link between the command and then reset the GPS coordinates of unmanned aerial vehicles to guide their landing in Iran. "Iran through electronic warfare technology, so that unmanned aircraft landed at the place we want it to land."

Former U.S. National Security Agency analyst John Pescatore Ray questioned, he believes that Iranian engineers to describe the process of seizing UAV "unconvincing."

Pescatore Ray pointed that this year in October, the U.S. Air Force announced the operating system was part of UAV viruses. "If the virus can invade the system, then there are definitely targeted malware can, however, if Iran wants action to be successful, must have prior approval of the RQ-170 'sentinel' UAV operating system details, I doubt very much whether they can get this information. "

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