Chinese Aircraft Carrier Completes Second Sea Trials, Rare Satellite Photographs

    China militaryA U.S. commercial satellite company, said they captured  the photos of China's first aircraft carrier in the Yellow Sea.

    Digital Earth Inc. on Wednesday said the company's satellite shot on December 8 to the carrier. The company on Tuesday, an analyst viewing photos found in this picture.

China's first aircraft carrier Satellite captures pictures 

    Digital analysis of the Earth's center director Stephen Wood said, according to the photos were taken and the time to judge, he was convinced that this is China's aircraft carrier. At that time aircraft are trials.

    Longmont, Colo., to include the United States Digital Earth's military, emergency response agencies and private businesses sold to customers, including satellite imagery and analysis. The company has three digital earth-orbit satellites, and another one under construction.

    The carrier led to intense international interest because it may indicate that China's military power as the purpose.

    Center for Strategic and International Studies, a China expert Bonnie Glaser said S · China's aircraft carrier program is almost no mention of its first, but in recent years has been more candid. She said: "The Chinese aircraft carrier trials until a real announcement when admitted:" Yes, we did an aircraft carrier in the trials. "She said that China publicly announced that the two aircraft in this year's sea trials.

    Ryder Leslie Hull, a Defense Ministry spokesman said the carrier's progress with the U.S. military's expectations. Department of Defense submitted to Congress this year, a report said the carrier may be before the end of next year for the Chinese Navy, but no aircraft.

    Said a commercial satellite operators to capture China's first aircraft carrier sailing in the Yellow Sea rare images.

    Digital Earth, said the carrier's polar-orbiting satellites in its December 8, from 450 km above the captured photos on a full cloud. Analysis Center director of the company, said Stephen Wood, the carrier is "satellite images with information on the Internet, and the combination of terrain," was found, but "ultimately rely on people to find."

    Digital Earth, the company said, the picture is in the carrier during the second trial run shot, in Dalian, about 100 km south-southeast of Hong Kong. Wood said the photos show the aircraft carrier "is the appropriate driving speed of marine navigation." No doubt the U.S. military secrets through satellite images and higher resolution images to gather more information about the "Varyag" number.

    A U.S. commercial satellite company, said the company's satellite shooting to the Chinese navy's first aircraft carrier in the Yellow sea trials of the second photo. If confirmed, this will be the "Varyag" was converted into a second aircraft carrier of China's first sea trials of the first public photos.

    The first aircraft carrier sea trials this year August 10 to 14 completed the second sea trial in the November 29-December 11 between. This makes the outside of Beijing's growing military power is concerned. China's current presence in the South China Sea territorial disputes with several countries.

    The Associated Press quoted the director of Digital Earth, Stephen Wood's analysis center, said the company's satellite shooting in December 8, China's first aircraft carrier to the photos. Chinese authorities are not currently comment on this statement. Chinese Defense Ministry has said that the carrier is used for scientific experiments and training purposes.

    Chinese media had reported that a second aircraft carrier sea trials of the Chinese port of Dalian in Liaoning Province from the sea. Analysts said that although the Chinese navy as a fighting force will be deployed aircraft carrier long way off, but the carrier is also developing area of ​​concern.

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