China Has Become The Second Largest Importer Of Ukrainian Weapons

Since Ukraine's independence in 1991, the country has tried to become the world's large country of arms exporting, the State monopoly  in this area is Ukraine's special export company. But the black arms market in the world does not occupy a high share of less than 1%. A total of 16 years to sell the first black more than $ 6.8 billion of weapons, an average of over $ 400 million per year, but export volumes increased significantly in recent years. The largest importer of weapons in the black list, Pakistan, China and Algeria separated the top three, respectively, accounted for 20%, 9% and 6% of the share.


Statistics show that in 2008 Ukraine's arms exports have reached about 10 billion dollar industry, black arms exports in 2009 is close to world's top five arms-exporting countries the level of more than $ 1 billion. Since 1996, Ukraine's arms exports are basically all kinds of export by the Ute and its subsidiaries are responsible for the company, as of today's black arms and military equipment export market has expanded to more than 90 countries.

Main types of Ukrainian export of weapons and equipment of the Navy weaponry, armor and weapons, aviation equipment, artillery weapons, rocket troops, in addition to various types of ammunition, engineering equipment, communications equipment, defense equipment, and weapons used by special forces. There are more than 1,500 enterprises to participate. 2006-2007 imported from Ukraine, Russia 100 KH-59 anti-submarine cruise, priced $ 1 million.

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