A Strange Building In The Desert In Northwest China Seems Washington For Simulating The Attack

China militaryOver the past few days, Google Satellite Gobi Desert in China, when looking around a series of strange pattern photo shoot "on the Internet like a virus epidemic." Many of the media and the U.S. state of Nevada of its secret military base Area 51 test compared, and the use of these buildings filled with all sorts of speculation and even bizarre.

ABC 15, the "Mysterious White Lines in China Desert" in the title, reports the Google Earth satellite photos show the Gobi Desert in China puzzling pattern. Reported that the image matrix about 1 mile long, 3,000 feet wide, "if you crop circles, Area 51 or UFO United States are interested, then you will like these things."

British "Mirror", said the buildings located in the northwestern Gansu Province and Xinjiang, China at the junction of China for the construction of military, space and nuclear facilities in place. British "Daily Mirror" also said, a grid-like pattern alarmist by some as the "Washington, DC, neighborhood planning," the copy. Others argue that if China wants to attack U.S. cities, there is no training in the desert map. British "New Scientist" Web site, the conspiracy theorists believe that these may be missing or mark left by aliens alien wreckage.

In fact, as early as 2008, China's major media reported the shooting range in the northwestern desert state. Reported that the country is mainly used for domestic air weapons range of stereotypes. The expert said, "I am afraid that in layman's view of these facilities is very mysterious, but can not let the Chinese people are used at each facility next to the huge Chinese and English that it uses it."

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