China Successfully Developed The J-16 Fighter, Significantly Enhanced The Combat Capability Of Naval Aviation

Not long ago there was news that the Secretary of the plant area in Shenfei Gong appeared in an imitation of the Su-27UBK (ie J-11BS) fighters, as the plane with a Chinese tradition of naval aviation aircraft painting, the Western media and " Chinese and Asian Defense "has been that this is specifically developed for the naval forces of J-11BS. However, recently, a source has told "Chinese and" revealed that this emerging fighter aircraft is not speculation that the naval version of the F-11BS, but the Chinese version of the Su-30MK2, is China's first batch of Soviet imports from Russia -30MK2 is based on imitation. Experts believe that China is the imitation of the Su-30MK2 in September this year there have been media reports of the so-called F -16.

Russian media said the article, according to the sources, the Chinese navy in terms of Russian-made Su-30MK2 multi-purpose fighter-bomber's performance is very satisfactory. Therefore, the Navy will be required to fly the aircraft to sink imitation, but also special emphasis on reproducing the models should have made anti-ship cruise missiles to carry the implementation of anti-ship missions. Of course, the Chinese Su-30MK2 imitation of the body and the J-11 is very similar.

Russian media article that should be pointed out that this is the first time China has successfully copied the Su-30MK2 evidence that China imported a small number of Su-30MK2 not continue after purchase. It is reported that the military ordered the first batch of 24 F -16 fighter being in production. At the same time, China's naval air force from early 2010 onwards also received its first F-10A light fighter. Benefit from these new aircraft, the Chinese naval aviation's overall equipment level has been significantly improved.

Russian media said the article, as SAC company has also developed a version of the Air Force F-16, sources pointed out that in answering this question, this version does not currently exist F -16. Under normal circumstances, can carry air-launched missile attack fighting chance first equipped with China's naval air force. For example, China is in the Naval Aviation Air Force has a lot of equipment JH -7 only after receiving such a fighter. Thus, generally speaking, the Chinese air force F -16 is only a matter of time. In the next few years, SAC aircraft orders will be adequate, involving models will include the F-15, F-16, F-11BS and F-11B.

Russian media said the article, with the Chinese naval air fleet of JH -7 compared to a larger body of -16 F, which in addition to using YJ83 anti-ship missiles, it can also mount large-scale anti-ship missiles - YJ62. In addition, from the photos appeared on the Internet can be seen, and now the production of the F -16 equipped with Chinese-made "Taihang" engine.

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