054a New Frigate Photos Exposure

China militaryType 054A frigate of the PLA Navy's newest frigate class, NATO code-named "Jiang Kai II" class, there are eight in service, the first-class Type 054 frigate (NATO called "Chiang Kai I" grade) 2 ships in service. The first ship Xuzhou No. (530) on September 30, 2006 in Guangzhou Huangpu Shipyard launched in 2008 to enter active duty. And 054-class escort ship is similar to the design, firepower, etc. However, it is better than 054 type frigate for the PLA Navy equipment, the first of a regional air defense frigate. The ship uses a self-designed 382-type coordinate plane radar, vertical launch system with 32 units, the use of the Red Sea is the introduction and assimilation of 16 Russian technology (see 3K9-air missile, NATO code name SA-N-7, together with the introduction of modern class destroyers) and self-development of the domestic ship-air missile system, said to the effective range of more than 16 red sea 40 kilometers high 10-18000 meters effective shot, single shot probability of 0.7-0.98, 5-8 seconds response time , playing the long 5.5 m, 0.34 m diameter bomb, bomb, weighing about 600 kg warhead weighing about 60 kilograms.

Type 054A frigate

054A frigate

Type 054A frigate

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