Steve Jobs died, chairman, co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs death

Steve Jobs died. Steve Jobs, chairman and co-founder of Apple, a pioneer of PC industry, who had changed people's views on science and technology died at 56 years old.

Apple said in a statement on Wednesday, "Steve's glory, passion and vitality is the source of endless innovation, he enriches and changes our life for all the world become better because of Steve Jobs."

Steve Jobs died

Jobs of the family in a separate statement, said, "Steve Jobs on Wednesday, accompanied by his family to leave in a quiet ... We know that many people would like us sad, but in this sad time, we hope you to respect our privacy. " Jobs died,Steve Jobs dead,Steve Jobs death.

Jobs more than 30 years in the career, he helped the Silicon Valley of the lazy atmosphere into the technology industry in rural areas of innovation centers. In addition to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (Bill Gates), Oracle founder Larry Ellison (Larry Ellison) and other industry pioneer for the modern high-tech industry has laid a foundation, Jobs also prove to the world, sophisticated design than the sensory appeal of the product technology itself, and in an increasingly digital world, changing consumer and technology interact.

But those people are different, the creativity of Steve Jobs the largest in the final stages of life, when almost a complete range of innovative and highly successful products such as iPod, iPhone and iPad greatly changed the PC, electronic and digital media products. At the same time, Jobs has the charisma of advertising and through its own retail outlets market and sell these products, so Apple has become a pop culture icon.

In the beginning of this stage, Steve Jobs has described his philosophy is to make the product "as a combination of art and technology." According to this idea, Steve Jobs put Apple into the world's most valuable company. Jobs died,Steve Jobs dead,Steve Jobs death

Jobs Death 56 years old. Weight decreased significantly in 2008 after leaving due to illness in 2009 he was nearly six months. During this period, he experienced a liver transplant. Earlier this year, Steve Jobs once again short-term leave due to illness, and resigned in August this year the company's chief executive officer.

In the last minute of Steve Jobs's life, his wife, Lauren (Laurene) and four children to accompany him through.

Jobs not only in the technology industry has made great achievements, but also in the entertainment industry has made a breakthrough achievement. He transformed into the Apple world's largest music retailer, and as CEO of Pixar Animation Studios and investors, he assisted the popular computer-animated film. Later, he sold Pixar to the Walt Disney Company. Steve Jobs is to change the way people use the Internet, listen to music, watching TV, movies, reading books key, and the gradual disintegration of the various industries.

In the modern business history, the return of Steve Jobs left Apple the most glorious page. Apple 11 years before leaving and after returning the company, Steve Jobs led the verge of bankruptcy, this company launched one iMac computer, iPod music player and iTunes music store.

Apple's current annual revenues of $ 65.2 billion, far exceeding the 1997 fiscal year (end of September 1997) of $ 7.1 billion. Apple has become the world's leading manufacturers of consumer electronics equipment design, and in January 2007 the name of the "computer" (formerly known as Apple Computer Apple that Apple Computer) to remove the word, to emphasize the company outside of the PC business expansion. Jobs died,Steve Jobs dead,Steve Jobs death

Although Steve Jobs in August this year the company helm formally delivered to its long-term assistant Tim Cook (Tim Cook), but his death will trigger a series of questions or, in the absence of Steve Jobs's vision and guidance next, how Apple can continue their success. Over the last decade, Apple has become the vanguard of global technology innovation. American capitalism's other iconic businesses, such as Walt Disney, Wal-Mart, IBM and other companies, has experienced the pain of the transition, but they have a charismatic founder to step down after all eventually survived. Jobs died,Steve Jobs dead,Steve Jobs death

Almost no-scale enterprises such as Apple revealed to the founder of such a strong sense of attachment, or in the peak period lost their founder. Apple fired Steve Jobs in 1985, after a few years, Apple's performance started to decline. Until Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 after it stopped a further decline in Apple's performance.

Jobs also left on his mercurial management style of countless stories, as he does not like when said employee or employees of the idea as "stupid." Like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, such as competitors, Steve Jobs has revealed its militant side. April 2010, when a series of measures adopted crying Adobe Apple's iPhone and iPad does not support the Flash video format, Steve Jobs proudly write a 1600 word essay to explain Flash is outdated, does not apply to mobile devices.

Steve Jobs on Apple's hardware and software to maintain a high standard. He asked consumers into Apple's retail stores from that moment onwards, Apple should provide consumers with "cool" aesthetic and easy to use experience. His product development and design is very concerned about the small details that bring the product to Apple some of the most distinctive features. And Steve Jobs's speech on the stage way is to arouse interest outside of the infinite, which is unmatched by other peers. Jobs died,Steve Jobs dead,Steve Jobs death.

In a number of Apple's product launch, Jobs forming a well-known mantra that "there is one thing (There is one more thing)". After saying this in Jobs, Apple tends to release the most important news. He asked the staff of Apple products strictly confidential, this strategy ensures that the outside world's interest for Apple's new products.

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