Steve Jobs biography book ordered more than 396 times

Steve Jobs death makes Steve Jobs biography book that has not got published unprecedented attention. According to the online bookstore Amazon (Amazon) statistics, the death of Steve Jobs announced that, due to the enthusiastic readers ordering, biography from the original 424 sales jumped to top of the charts.

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As of 7:00 last night, "Steve Jobs" (Steve Jobs) the order quantity soared 39,600 percent. The book 448 pages, from "Time" magazine the former editor of the U.S. figure biographer Walter Isaacson (Walter Isaacson) write, originally scheduled for 21 November by the largest U.S. book publishing companies - Simon - Schuster Joint Publishing House, after the death of Steve Jobs, the book will be moved to October 24 issue. Currently the book sells for $ 17.88 Amazon. Steve Jobs biography timeline

This is the only one, and probably the last one given by Joe Siqin biography. To write this book, Isaacson carried 40 times for an interview with Steve Jobs, and his 100 friends, colleagues and competitors were interviewed about their eyes Jobs. Steve Jobs biography book

Isaacson wrote Einstein, a biography of Franklin and Henry Kissinger. Introduction to the publisher's biography of Steve Jobs, said Steve Jobs himself in the writing process to give its full cooperation, in particular, the content of the biography of his youth "scandal" not to intervene and not even required to read before publication. Steve Jobs biography release date

In fact, all the Jobs tab to bring the books have appeared in yesterday's sales soared. One by the famous writer George Bayh (George Beahm) wrote the biography "I, Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs readme" (I, Steve: Steve Jobs in His Own Words) bookings is fierce increase of 47,727 percent. The book sale is expected to November 8.

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