J-10B fighter crashes? China Air Force denied

Circulating on the Internet for the recent "A J-10B aircraft for flight in Shaanxi Yanliang crashed, the pilot killed," the news was on the 9th verified by China Air Force: "This is a false message, pure is a fabrication. "

According to the respondent who introduced of Air Force, they already know this, and has been to identify the source in Beijing who make up a Web site and published in his personal blog, after the media attention and caused the blind lead reproduced.

J-10B fighter picture in Yanliang, Shaanxi, taken on Oct 9, 2011 

According to Hong Kong media reported, a J-10B fighter crashed in flight test in Yanliang of Shaanxi, China, the pilot tried to save the fighter and give up skydiving, the results that was killed.

Sing Tao Daily reported that J-10 fighter has crashed for the first time since from flight test to be fitted out, while  J-10B fighter has reached the final testing phase; the crash may affect the PLA process of fielding this aircraft.

J-10B fighter 

J-10B fighter pictures

J-10B fighter 2011

According to reports, the mainland military channel editor Pei World Wide Web the first application in a message issued on the Internet.

The news that the aircraft's fuselage crashed numbered "1034", using the Russian AL-31FN turbofan engines, the pilot has been killed; Shaanxi users have confirmed the news.

J-10 aircraft is developed by mainland China's first 3rd generation fighter, the Western equivalent of the U.S. that the performance of F16 fighters, the PLA Air Force has fielded a large number of such aircraft.

J-10 aircraft from the Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute research, 1998 flight.

In March, J-10B aircraft picture posted online, it looks a significant improvement in J-10 fighter, including stealth optimization, divergent supersonic air intakes, a new radome design, increase the vertical tail and so on.

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