13 Chinese sailors killed by suspected drug trafficking in Myanmar near Golden Triangle

According to Thailand, "Bangkok Post" reported on the 10th, the Thai military said a group of drug trafficking commanded by Burmese drug lord Nor Kham in the Mekong River is suspected to be behind the killing of the Chinese sailors.

Chinese sailors killed 

Thailand Pa Muang task force commander Major General Prakarn Chonlayuth, this gang of drug traffickers in the Mekong River between the hijacked vessel and to obtain protection money, if rejected, they would kill the crew, use of hijacked ships from Myanmar to Thailand drug trafficking .

Chinese sailors killed pictures

The morning of October 5, "Warburg" and the "Yu Xing 8" two carrying 13 Chinese crew members of merchant ships in the waters of the Mekong River Golden Triangle shooting experience, resulting in 13 people were killed.

Chinese sailors killed 

Chinese sailors killed 

5 Thai military intelligence received drug smuggling, in Chiang Saen district task force found that after someone's ship had exchanged fire with the gang of drug traffickers, killing one in the "Yu Xing 8" on drug traffickers, while the number of drug traffickers escape. Militants were killed is not of Chinese nationality.

Thai soldiers in the "Warburg Pincus number" found on methamphetamine was 520,000, in the "Yu Xing 8" also found 40,000 methamphetamine. Methamphetamine on the human body has a strong central nervous system stimulation, and the severe toxicity, also known as "ice."

Thai military said the two ships at a distance of only about 20 kilometers north of Chiang Saen on the river have been hijacked.

Thai Narcotics Control Board, Office of the Deputy Secretary-General Permpong Chavalit said, Nor Kham's drug gangs are about 400 armed members.

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