Tragedy! The key researcher of Indian LCA fighter hanged himself

Barr Deva Singh, who is known as one of the most important test pilot in India Barr Deva Singh killed by himself on October 11. Suicide, according to Pawar, the person in charge of the local police official said, the former Indian Air Force MiG-21 pilot to make his driver to leave, and driving his own official car to a tourist destination called mountain Nadi about 50 km away from Bangalore, and in mountain Nadi hanged himself with his scarf, and did not leave any suicide note. According to police analysis, work-related depression may be the main cause of his suicide.

No. LSP-4, the small batch-type LCA fighter of small batch-type successful maiden flight, the Indian engineering and technical personnel flowers to the flight test pilot

Barr deva  Singh lifetime photo, visible clothing HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) logo 

Barr Deva Singh aged 58 this year is a former HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Hindustan Adhesives Ltd.) Chief test pilot. August 16 this year, was transferred to HAL corporate planning and marketing department has served for 10 years before HAL chief test pilot, has dominated the Indian domestic HJT-36 intermediate trainer (IJT plans) flight test work. June 1973, Singh became a fighter pilot begins with a test pilot, flight of his life were all over 55 different aircraft, including the United Kingdom "hunter" aircraft, Soviet production "MiG-21" Soviet production "MiG-23" and other models, testing more than 6000 hours flying experience. Singh, committed suicide in the first two months, he had just been appointed as directors of the Company's HAL.

Indian LCA fighter picture in test flight

LCA fighter jet

lca fighter update

Before Singh led the Indian IJT plan, he was an important member of the R & D team of LCA fighter, before LCA fighter closed to quantity production, he was transferred to the IJT R & D team, and IJT in India by many setbacks, especially in 2007 in India air show, IJT trainer also skidded off the runway accident occurred.

Indian LCA test pilots picture when the aircraft first flight succeeded  

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