Chinese aircraft carriers are difficult to resist the U.S. military, but will affect the other weapons

U.S. National Defense University professor Bernard Cole in a recent article said, "I hope more Chinese-built aircraft carrier." Cole as a study of Chinese naval authorities put forward this view, causing widespread concern. Washington is off the boom of China's military research. Washington, a recent hot topic is: China from the purchase and renovation of Ukraine "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier out to sea trials soon. Newspaper reporters in Beijing Yaita Akio also reported in Dalian complete renovation of the "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier is about to test the water news.

Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag

China's first aircraft carrier to be deployed, would the U.S. Navy in the Western Pacific sea causing a positive challenge to the United States have to prevent this worry and emotional. China will probably be "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier named "Shi Lang" number, which is the occupation of Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty, a navy general's name, which is easy to see China on the Taiwan issue, the United States to intervene against the will. The United States concluded that China will formally establish the battle group. Congress Bureau of Investigation published the "China's naval modernization," the report said, China has embarked on the construction of aircraft carriers in the next 10 years trying to deploy up to six aircraft carriers.

Professor Cole worked for 30 years of naval officers, and even served as a destroyer captain. The practical experience of experts even expressed the hope that more Chinese-built aircraft carrier. When I directly asked puzzled grounds, Cole immediately understood why the answer is given.

"This is because the aircraft carrier in the event of war in China is difficult to resist the U.S. attack the Chinese Navy has not fully deployed to support the carrier's transport ship and refueling ships, and its carrier aircraft as the U.S. does not have that kind of self-defense and attack, which - like The more aircraft carrier construction, means for the construction of other ships and weapons, the fewer resources, so I half-jokingly said 'please you more than the construction of aircraft carriers it'. "

Other U.S. experts have also pointed out that China's "Kuznetsov" aircraft is not equipped with a similar U.S. AWACS E-2 aircraft carrier, and the like EA-6B, EA-18 electronic warfare aircraft. "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier-based aircraft F -15, compared with U.S. aircraft carriers in terms of flight distance, weapons or sensors, are lagging far behind. In addition, the carrier is responsible for guarding the destroyers and submarines are very fragile. Therefore, the Chinese aircraft carrier in wartime and to fear.

But there are many U.S. experts usually emphasize the power of the Chinese aircraft carrier. Chief of China before the U.S. Department of Defense, the current American Enterprise Institute researcher Mr. Blumenthal said: "The United States and Japan in the event of war in the carrier's ability to respond to China's high, it is a fact, but make it impossible to attack aircraft carriers role must be deployed in a specific location specific combat capabilities. This is not easy to do on the other hand, for - like the people, the aircraft has demonstrated the power of the usual excellent results, therefore, contribute to implementation of China's aircraft carrier maritime strategy, which had a high degree of attention. "

Chinese aircraft carrier stage may lead to some countries that the United States to change the military balance, which China began to tilt.

About Chinese carrier's weaknesses and strengths, what we Japanese first realize on earth?

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