China Should Have the Courage to Head on Diaoyu Islands Dispute

Air opposition of the Diaoyu Islands, Japan unreasonably intercept Chinese military aircraft

A two-edged sword of Damocles is hanging over the heads of China and Japan --- as Japan stepped up to intercept Chinese aircraft near the Diaoyu Islands, who do not want a military conflict may at any time the risk of accidental discharge. 7 China's Defense Ministry issued a statement calling on Japan to "stop the dangerous activities to avoid and prevent air and sea accidents." Until the newspaper last night before the deadline, Japan has not yet responded, the right-wing media claimed, the Chinese Defense Ministry in the "Japan East China Sea to contain monitoring activities."

the Diaoyu Islands

Japan's defense ministry released figures show last year, eight months after the Japanese intercept Chinese aircraft 48 times, and now the first three months has been nearly 60 times. Over the past ten years, the Taiwan Strait, the Korean Peninsula has been at different times tense, and now, the East China Sea seems to have become more and more dangerous. Obvious point is that accused China of "invasion", the "threat" at the same time, Japan has in the efforts to maintain with Russia, South Korea's controversial among the relevant territory. In the nationwide "four northern islands Day" conference, the Prime Minister and even declared himself to participate in the territorial sovereignty of the Japanese leaders holding the telescope into the distance four islands photos often appear in the media. Okinawa, Japan 8 University of the Chinese scholar Liu Gang, "Global Times" interview, said, "The Diaoyu Islands dispute, the Chinese do not be afraid of friction, a problem the Japanese will have a demand in China, will talk with China."

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"China's Defense Ministry to contain Tokai surveillance activities." Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" interpretation of the theme of this 8th day before the Chinese Defense Ministry statement. 7, the Chinese Ministry of Defense Web site published an article stressing that "Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory, China military aircraft cruise line with international law" in the hope the Japanese side "to take effective measures to stop the dangerous activities to avoid and prevent air and sea accidents," because "in recent years Self-Defense Forces aircraft to Japan against China in the East China Sea has intensified reconnaissance patrols, the Japanese military vessels and planes normal air and sea operations to China a long time, close tracking and monitoring, can easily lead to misunderstanding of both sides, miscarriage of justice. " 8, the Japanese government remained silent, but the right-wing 2CH website, have called the "China in Japanese airspace reconnaissance flights near the grazing is the provocation of Japan, Japan will never allow!" Also issued a "shoot down Chinese military aircraft" extreme statements.

French "Le Monde" that the Japanese military aircraft of the interception of this area reflects the growth of China's military presence was nervous. Diaoyu Islands last year, after the collision, this tension has always existed and led to the deterioration of relations between the two countries was eased this year, China has repeatedly accused Japan of ships, aircraft into "Japan's exclusive economic zone", while China retorted.

In Japan, officials and media almost unanimously to label China a "attackers", "Intruder" label. In March, Japan's "Foreign scholars' Web site published an article of Chinese Y-8 reconnaissance aircraft flew about 30 km known as the Diaoyu Islands," China to test Japan's reaction in "helicopter to fly to the Chinese State Oceanic Administration, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer "May the rain number" 70 meters called "diplomatic" vertical middle finger '. " Article to question the Sino-Japanese conflict may be a fate. July 7, "Japan Times," recalled that three or four months is very close to China three times the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force patrol. In June, a small fleet from China, Okinawa and Miyako Island, between crossing over into the Pacific exercise, returning once again from a pass between two islands. The same month, a survey ship into China Miyagi Prefecture, Japan's exclusive economic zone.
the Diaoyu Islands

China 7 Department of Defense Web site mentioned in the article: It is reported that Japan's defense ministry said the Joint Staff, 4, China 2 was close to military airspace away from the Diaoyu Islands is only 60 kilometers, but were not into the "Japanese territory", and Naha, Japan Air Self Defense Force base on emergency call from the F-15 fighters to intercept.

In March, the defense ministry released figures showing that last year between April and December, the Japanese Self-Defense Force to intercept Chinese military aircraft emergency 48 times, more than 38 times the year before last the whole year, while blocking the end of March 2011 had ended nearly 60 times.

U.S. Jamestown Foundation Web site commentary that the Diaoyu Islands dispute is now in Japan are relatively small things, either do not want to damage the growing bilateral economic relations. However, accidents around the Diaoyu Islands and the potential confrontation on the rise, and this will give both countries to increase mutual hostility. Close combat may affect the two governments, leading to similar U.S. EP-3 Hainan Island in 2001 as the collision occurred. Sino-Japanese security relationship has recently improved, but still weak, and security relationships can often overwhelm economic relations, so no one can guarantee a vibrant economic relationship between China and Japan to become the glue between the two countries. German "Die Zeit", said no one wants war, but China has become the potential around the most dangerous areas.

Japan's Jiji news agency that the Chinese Defense Ministry to strengthen the Japan Air Self Defense Force expressed concern over the East China Sea to monitor. 8, a Chinese air force experts Anonymous, "Global Times" interview, said that since the air to intercept itself is not important military significance, mainly in the region declared sovereignty over the side and the actual control, both planes will usually have The control, such as the United States in Alaska, European countries in the North Atlantic are frequently dispatched to intercept the Russian aircraft to perform remote patrol bombers, but the two sides maintained a safe distance from most of the time, so even if the U.S. deployed the most advanced F-22 fighter, Russia still send old-fashioned Tu-95 patrols. Not without friction occurred, such as the one in Norway during the Cold War patrol aircraft to the Soviet Su-27 with the vertical tail was injured, was forced to return. The expert said that Japan dispatched F-15 intercept the Chinese military, is designated as the Islands of Japan into their air defense identification zone, the Japanese air intercept, although not really attack, but the declaration of actual control in Japan over the Diaoyu Islands, which is obviously violated China's sovereignty.

China set a "red line"?

Comments on the Diaoyu Islands dispute, the German "Berlin Rundschau," said Wednesday that the Diaoyu Islands is Japan's historical issue, but also future problems. A small island not only to the land, as well as economic, as well as issues of national honor. This is the biggest threat to Sino-Japanese relations. Japan's "Foreign Scholars" website article said, the water flow is not living, but the island is stationary, observe the Northeast Asian islands dispute should keep in mind these two words my heart. It is precisely because such features island, it relates to national identity, geopolitics, energy security, relations between the two countries compete, you can change the balance.

"Korea Times" on June 29 article that, although never confirmed, but it looks like China in dealing with the issue of the Diaoyu Islands have the potential to set a series of "red line", Japan's behavior will be considered as cross "red lines": to allow the Japanese people living on board or in the Diaoyu Islands, to deploy troops on the island, the construction of infrastructure on the island or military facilities, beginning in the exploration and exploitation of resources near the Diaoyu Islands. German radio said Wednesday that the South China Sea, Sino-US competition in the final contest, but in the East China Sea, Japan more factors. "Global safety net," commented that Japan's conservative politics and rising nationalism in China could exacerbate conflicts, the Sino-Japanese conflict could undermine the balance of alliances in Northeast Asia, Korea and Taiwan and mainland China may stand, Japan move closer to the U.S. .

8, a Japanese magazine editor of "Global Times" reporter that show the Japanese aircraft to intercept the fact that the rise of China can not fully adapt, so complex and alert with the psychological. The fundamental reason is the Japanese regard China as a threat and a lack of trust. He said the East China Sea issues, including the Diaoyu Islands issue is "very difficult problem of speech", in Japan there is no better solution can only strengthen preparedness and alert. German "Baden Daily" said that Western experts believe that, although China does not have a strong tendency of the dominant sea power, but difficult to avoid conflicts at sea. "New York Times" article in last September, said the best way is the Japanese agreed to the dispute to the International Court, but in reality this does not occur, since the region is believed to exist in the rich oil and gas resources, the two sides claim to sovereignty over more and more firm.

Japan's "Foreign scholars' Web site published an article that ironically, the Chinese people would like to see Koizumi to step down, but Koizumi's successor after several dismal public support has hampered the Diaoyu Islands issue their negotiations with China These leaders find it difficult to sell the Japanese people any compromise. On the other hand, Chinese officials suspect the Japanese government is difficult to obtain sufficient domestic support to negotiations and consultations, and therefore refused to make any concessions.

Chinese military aircraft cruises the Diaoyu Islands

"China is not afraid of friction."

"Japanese Newsweek," argues that the country has sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, one of the reasons is that "China did not oppose the Japanese occupation 75 years Diaoyu Islands." The article said that from 1895 to 1970, China has never raised any objection or protest against Japan over the Diaoyu Islands and other islands of the right. The article said, "In 1970, the first time that Taiwan has sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, in 1971, issued a statement December 30, 1971, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a statement sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands."

As Japan and South Korea, China, Russia, there is the island's sovereignty dispute over the Diaoyu Islands is its only real control of the disputed islands, in the four northern islands and Dokdo were under the control of Russia and South Korea. In order to maintain sovereignty over the disputed islands controversial, Japan has been very active. 7 February each year is set by the Government of Japan's "Northern Territories Day." Social group from Tokyo, "the return of the Northern Territory movement" Annual General Meeting is held the day the most important activity. 2011 General Assembly, and even invited to the Prime Minister when he was Foreign Minister Naoto Kan and Maehara. In January, Japan and South Korea Dokdo ship about 70 kilometers south-east a brief confrontation. Japanese reconnaissance aircraft more frequently near Dokdo. In 2005, the Shimane Prefectural Assembly passed a resolution to February 22 as "Takeshima (the Dokdo) Day", followed by a month, the Japanese reconnaissance aircraft, the Japanese media, "Asahi Shimbun," a of a small aircraft and Coast Guard patrol aircraft were flying near Dokdo.

"In the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands in China do not be afraid of friction. Is a problem in Japan will ask you, will talk to you." Gang Okinawa, Japan 8 University of Chinese scholars to accept the "Global Times" reporter says. Gang said, in the eyes of the Japanese, Chinese Foreign more "conservative", to give them a "just all right on the line" impression, "the elephant gentle disposition is a virtue, but can not be maliciously used." In fact, only emphasized the Diaoyu Islands, "is our territory" is not enough. After the collision last year, China dispatched a Coast Guard boat, updating equipment, but this does not mean that oath of sovereignty, because the 12-mile near the Diaoyu Islands did not go off, go all the high seas, and in the 200-mile exclusive economic zone in fact, no one can go.

Gang said the Chinese ships and aircraft to intercept the Japanese that they are absolutely not allowed to enter China's Diaoyu Islands, ships and aircraft, China should dare to break the Japanese blockade, the exercise of jurisdiction over the Diaoyu Islands, "with the head of courage." China at least flat, so have room for future negotiations. Gang suggested that, in dealing with Japan on the Diaoyu Islands issue, local governments often take the lead, Fujian Province, China may also wish to increase the role of the localization of the Diaoyu Islands to a certain extent, because the central government the ship is too large, may well turn around, while the local after a number of flexibility, local die, find the central coordination for the length of integration.

Japan on the Diaoyu Islands dispute is how to deal with is not monolithic. "U.S. Foreign Policy in Focus" magazine noted last year, after the collision the Diaoyu Islands, "Yomiuri Shimbun" tough stance, stressing that "the arrest of Chinese captain is perfectly legal", "Asahi Shimbun" calls "the wisdom to avoid the event into a conflict at sea "," Daily News "requires" serious and impartial investigation, "warning" accidents are not allowed to upgrade. " Japan's "Tokyo Shimbun" has published an editorial that Japan's deep economic interdependence of China's reality, but also makes use of tough measures if China, then China will be like "a tap off a" cut off the Japanese economy as a way out. For this, Japan is completely helpless.

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