China is no longer taboo topic to talk about aircraft carriers

According to diplomats and U.S. government authorities have revealed that China has started construction of  first domestic aircraft carrier this year. China's goal is to build a "powerful navy," to expand the rights of the ocean. Purchased from Ukraine, medium-sized aircraft carrier Varyag (about 60,000 tons displacement) will trial during the year. If the domestic aircraft carrier built, China during this year will have two aircraft carriers. This would seem to lead to Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and other neighboring countries of concern and may pose a threat to the United States has absolute dominance of the Asia-Pacific region.

Varyag aircraft carrier

In early June, the PLA Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde told Hong Kong media said the aircraft carrier under construction, this is the first time that military officials regarding the construction of aircraft carriers. However, the construction of the carrier actually means "Varyag" was, or aircraft carriers, he did not specify.

According to diplomatic sources, military authorities said, "'Varyag' was not really made," and concluded that "the rest is being built aircraft carrier." U.S. government authorities have also made that the carrier is referred to Chen Bingde. U.S. Department of Defense released the 2010 edition of "China-related military and security developments," the annual report, also believes that China will have in 10 years the number of aircraft carriers.

Familiar with trends in the Chinese navy's military sources, the aircraft carriers are located in Shanghai's Changxing Island shipyard, it is estimated with the "Varyag" was the same size of medium-sized aircraft carrier. Aircraft carrier-based aircraft are equipped with self-developed F -15 fighter, and the "Varyag" was taking off and landing using the same way. Although based on the "Varyag" was the prototype, but the Chinese aircraft manufacturing technology has made great political publicity.

In addition, this year China increased vigilance around the Changxing Island shipyard, is said to be the start of construction because the domestic carrier's sake.

Experts point out that the deployment from the start of construction to the aircraft carrier, even if the United States also need to spend more than five years time. Chinese-made aircraft carrier is expected to actually put into use in the seven to eight years. Responsible for protecting the carrier's latest anti-aircraft missile destroyers are built them.

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