China to step up J -15 carrier-based aircraft test flight, to deter, the U.S. aircraft carriers

Chinese aviation industry officials confirmed that Shenyang Aircraft Company in 2009-2010 produced more J-15 fighters, a total of three J-15 prototypes will take  flight test in 2011, they are all installed folding wings. The latest J-15 prototype of them would be "full-featured."

Chinese J -15 carrier-based aircraft

This is the first time Chinese officials admitted in Shenyang continue to produce J -15, and testing of weapons, radar integration work. Other basic recognition improved radar is made, of course, the most important improvement is the addition of the sea search, attack mode, so the ability to use Chinese-made large-scale anti-ship missiles.

As the body than the J -15 fighter-bombers JH -7 more large-scale, so have the ability to fuselage carrying air-launched as "Eagle Strike" -62 kind of large-scale anti-ship missile, it increased to a range of at least 400 km, which U.S. carriers have real meaning in terms of deterrence.

Sources said that in the test phase is still assembling the first aircraft J -15 Russian AL-31F engines. Articles that future mass production of the F-15 is assembled, "Taihang" engine on the engine that made the F-11B fighter aircraft in the use of conditions. Aircraft carriers increase or decrease in speed with the engine performance is critical.

Roughly -15 F and F-11B uses the same composite material, design and dimensions almost identical to the Su-33, and the design of the front wing. But experts in China Aviation Industry Group, said: J-15 is a Navy fighter with independent property rights, despite the appearance of similar products close to Russia, but after the J-shape, whether radar or -15 engines are China's own development, and avionics weapons are completely different from the similar Russian aircraft. J -15 will not be equipped with Russian weapons systems. But sources acknowledged in the production process of the J -15, adopted a "two control" approach, that the drawings were imported, were imported aircraft. This obviously means that China obtained some of the Su-33 test machine drawings.

Appeared in China's Internet Kelong Su J -15 clear picture, clearly see the front wing and the aft hook, and T-10K tester 03,07 exactly the same shape number. Pictures can also be sure to use a Russian engine AL-31F, J-11B head-up display and the same seems to be wide-angle. Articles judge J -15 and F-11B, F-11BS fighter's avionics system has a lot in common. This aircraft has been painted a Navy J -15 color, not painted before the test images. Picture is taken in Shenyang plant, which mean "factory test is over," worth watching.