Robert Gates warned implicitly China not to want arms race with the United States

Shangri-La Dialogue opened today in Singapore. June 2, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates to the participants in the accompanying journalists on the plane to talk about Sino-US relations, soft with hard in one hand, "the U.S. did not want to contain China's development", "China is now also the world of the future power "; the other hand, he also implicitly warned the Chinese" do not learn the Soviet Union "and the arms race the United States, and reaffirmed the U.S. military to reduce military forces will not lead to the weakening in the Asia Pacific region. Gates is going to retire from the position of secretary of defense, he concluded that 2 of their own in the Bush, Obama the development of Sino-US relations during his tenure "satisfied", but there is still Sino-US military relations, "development" .

Robert Gates
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates 

"Gates: U.S. not thought to contain China's development", a 2, Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and other major media title, the Gates of China to release the words on "goodwill" is widely Interpretation 3 and as is to meet Chinese Defense Minister Liang create a friendly atmosphere. It is reported that on the plane to Singapore, Gates told reporters traveling, he noticed that China is seeking to expand the size of the armed forces and combat power, including the development, deployment of the "long-range, precision anti-ship cruise and ballistic missiles", anti- satellite weapons, stealth fighters, and network warfare capability. "China's military modernization is booming," "China is trying to get the weapons so that we pay close attention."

Speaking after the growing strength of China's national defense, Gates changed the subject, saying "do not believe that the challenges China is in all aspects of U.S. military strength", "I think the Chinese learned from the Soviet Union had a big lesson, they will not trying to compete with us in all respects, but to develop a considerable extent, the ability to move freely in Asia, and get the opportunity to expand their influence. "BBC's analysis, these words clearly refers to the former Soviet Union and the United States launched military Competition and wear down the economy, issued a warning to China.

Gates of the "warning" and the Chinese military earlier this month visited the United States Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde "China and the U.S. competition," the statement consistent. BBC2 on a report attached to a piece of "Sino-US military" comparison chart, showing the disparity in military power between the two countries. Charts: United States military spending in 2010 were 780 billion and 729 billion U.S. dollars, military spending accounted for the proportion of GDP in 2008 were 2.0% and 4.3%; military equipment, the number of American fighters were 1320 and 2379, Stealth compare the number of aircraft than the 139 to 0, the number of 0 to 11 aircraft carriers, submarines, more than 65 the number of 71, the number of 27 to 57 destroyers, nuclear warheads than the 9400 240. In all of the data, China is the only active duty more than the number of United States: 2.26 million compared with 1.58 million.

"The New York Times" reports will focus on the Gates "cut military spending to strengthen the Asia-Pacific security after the still" on the conversation. Gates said the U.S. military activities in the Asia-Pacific to maintain U.S. influence in the region is "cost effective", will remain after the cuts in military spending. "Voice of America," said 2nd Asia-Pacific neighboring countries worry about China's military growth will be the Shangri-La Dialogue is an important issue. Reuters commented that this meeting Gates hopes to U.S. allies that, despite the U.S. military will be cut to end his term of office, but the U.S. will abide by its security commitments in Asia.

Finished "board", the Gates softened his tone, saying: "We do not want to suppress China, and China for thousands of years is a strong country, it is a present and future global impact. So, the problem is that we how through their own efforts, to ensure we have a positive relationship between. "Asked by reporters recently asked some members of the United States selling weapons to Taiwan view, Gates replied," this issue is not their point of view "He also said," Whether Bush or Obama in power, we are very cautious on this issue, both for access to Taiwan's defense capability, but also noted that the sensitivity of China, are being very careful. "Reuters, commented , in the United States arms sales to Taiwan, Sino-US military relationship is still fragile. Chief of Staff of the Chinese military earlier this month, Chen Bingde visited the United States to respect, if the United States insist on arms sales to Taiwan and military relationship "will be affected."

2-day interview, Gates said, summing up his work "very satisfied", "In my first visit in 2007, I have for the development of Sino-US military relations has developed an ambitious agenda, although Later, the relationship between the two armies met obstacles and difficulties, but now in a good state ", and" there is still room for development. " Gates will step down at the end of this month, the U.S. "political" site 1, published on his "farewell interview," the participation in two wars, and in the eight presidential office during the administration of 67-year-old defense minister said, "I must One of the reasons to leave, too many experiences have made me too cautious. "

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