Liang Guanglie met with Robot Gates, called the two militaries to regard each other as true and sincere partner rather than opponent

State Councilor and Minister of National Defense Liang Guanglie launched intensive bilateral talks with counterparts on Friday at the sidelines of the on-going Shangri-La Dialogue.

Liang met with the US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in the afternoon, the first bilateral meeting of both sides, and agreed with Gates that the two militaries are back on a positive trajectory now.

Liang called the two to regard each other as true and sincere partner rather than opponent in the meeting, saying that they need to really enhance practical cooperation.

Liang Guanglie met with Robot Gates

Liang said the current international and regional security situation is undergoing complicated and profound changes in how to adapt to new situations, to maintain healthy and stable development of Sino-US military relations, is a major issue the two sides together, but also the international community on major issues of common concern . To this end, we must uphold and establish military relations is conducive to the development of policies to guide and promote the Sino-US military relations between the new development. To good faith, the other as cooperative partners, not as a rival to treat, to achieve positive interaction between the two armies. To really attach importance to strengthening pragmatic cooperation in defense and security fields, the two sides to respect each other on the basis of mutual benefit, in the "easy to difficult, progressive" spirit, strengthen the mechanism of dialogue and professional exchanges, deepen cooperation in the humanitarian relief and the fight against piracy and other non-traditional security cooperation, and constantly consolidate the basis of bilateral military relations.

Gates said it is pleased with the beam during the Shangri-La Dialogue Ministerial meeting. Nearly half a year, and U.S. military relations have entered a positive track, military relations in a healthy, stable, reliable, sustainable development is a shared vision for the two heads of state. The future existence of the two sides should strengthen cooperation in areas of common interest, to maintain dialogue in the areas of disagreement, common to the world that the great benefits of mutually beneficial cooperation between countries. Gates said that his successor will continue to work to promote the development of US-China military relations.

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