China's largest helicopter prototype is U.S. B-2B unmanned helicopter

V750 unmanned helicopter

V750 unmanned helicopter, China largest unmanned helicopter
According to the Russian military-industrial complex site on June 1 reported that China developed the V750-type unmanned helicopter on May 10 this year, successfully conducted the maiden flight. In the course of the day's flight, the plane far the largest tonnage of China's unmanned helicopter flying a total of 10 minutes, and completed a number of maneuvers.
UAV called the V750 is the United States B-2B helicopter unmanned variant. China's latest successful development of this UAV can be used for military and civilian implementation tasks, including reconnaissance and search and rescue.
According to data released by the Chinese side, V750-based sustainable flying unmanned helicopter 4 hours, maximum flight speed of up to 161 km / h, the maximum altitude of 3,000 meters. The UAV operator may be outside the 150 km or under remote control program for automatic pre-flight.

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