Military experts said the Libyan government troops have completely lost control of the air

June 3, on a French Northwest Wind class amphibious assault ship in the Mediterranean Sea,  the helicopter gunship combat mission ready to perform strikes for the first time.

Recently, the contacts between China and the two warring sides of Libya caused widespread international attention. Hong Lei, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed that Libya's foreign minister on June 7 to 9 visited China, and exchanged views on Libyan current crisis situation and political solution to the crisis in Libya and such issues with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi. So, how should China's difficulties in addressing the role of Libya, Libya, and which new trends in the situation in it? Next, please listen to Chinese military experts, "World Military" magazine editor in chief of the analysis of Chen Hu interpretation.

Libya has completely lost control of the air

Reporter: Many people have been changes in the Libyan situation of the war news in a state of fatigue, but this time in the recent Libyan situation has emerged a series of subtle, noteworthy changes, these changes in the end, what does?
Chen: The four major changes in general, the first British and French armed helicopters are directly involved in air strikes on the Libyan government troops, then this change mean? In the Kosovo war, the U.S. military also sent Apache helicopters, but until the end of the war in Kosovo, the United States have dared to enter into the helicopter over the battlefield, and so far as to anti-British and French armed helicopters, should be far less than the overall strength of the the U.S. military, but it dares to go directly to the air strikes in Libya, which shows today's air supremacy over the loss of clean and Libya, which only include high-altitude, hollow, even including the low-altitude and low altitude. Low-altitude and low altitude air defense capabilities of the loss, means that even the light from the ground and other air defense weapons and air defense weapons have become quite weak, and Qaddafi's armed forces have been reduced to a considerable extent.

Gaddafi gradually lost domestic support

Reporter: The government and opposition armed forces into a stalemate, as well as senior officials from Qaddafi government forces away message in the end mean?
Chen Hu: In fact, it shows Gaddafi's government and two rebel military forces he was up here a change in consumption, though the rebels still unable to hold large-scale ground offensive, but the party also lost Gaddafi the implementation of large-scale anti-government armed ground attack this capacity. Gaddafi's official look at disposable cards and fled, the changes show that the Gaddafi is losing more and more domestic support.
Libya, the Libyan people should be there tomorrow to support the legitimate government
Reporter: June 7 to 9, the Libyan foreign minister to visit China at the same time, the Chinese embassy in Egypt had recently arrived diplomats in Benghazi, Libya, to understand the humanitarian situation and the situation related to Chinese-funded institutions, and with the Libyan National Transition Committee who were contacted. How to treat China in a political solution to the Libyan crisis effects?
Chen Hu: This message appears, the Western media, there will be a lot of comments about China in the last one to take the bus, some people even say that China's attitude to the situation in Libya is changing, just use this information to determine China's Libya change the attitude of the situation, I am afraid too lightly, because at the press conference, Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that the word has been that China is willing to work together with the international community, efforts to promote a political solution to the crisis of Libya. In fact, evolution by Libya to this day, we all care about what kind of an outcome in the most favorable outcome, if you say it is very simple, it is Libya that the Libyan people for the emergence of a recognized, legitimate government supported by the same time, this government has To the international community should assume his responsibility, such an outcome should all work together to achieve, both domestic political forces in Libya, but also should include the countries of the international community to jointly come up with a response and resolution program.

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