Chinese netizens think that the Japanese overreaction to Chinese navy training

Chinese naval ships in international waters in the western Pacific Plan for routine training, and in a few days ago crossed through the Japanese island of Okinawa and the high seas between the Miyako Island waterways. However, this has caused Japan's "concern", the Japanese right-wing media is advocating tough with China, saying the United States and Japan should prevent the Chinese navy's ocean-going training for normalization. World Wide Web do survey respondents over Jiucheng users that Japan's "overreaction."

Japan announced the photo that Chinese Navy frigates crossed the Okinawa - Miyako Strait  

June 10, World Wide Web was launched, entitled "Japan is my normal training the Navy overreaction," the online survey. Immediately after initiation of the investigation has fueled concern. As of 21:00 the evening of 10 journalists of press, there are already more than 1 million users to vote, in which 9673 people think the Japanese to overreact, accounting for 95% of users involved in the investigation; expressed views contrary to 516, accounting for 5 of the respondents %.(China Military)

That "Japan's overreaction," the netizen said that the Chinese navy from the high seas through the "normal", to the high seas for a routine training "no big deal." A net friend says: "China pursues a defensive national defense policy and military development is entirely in self-defense within a reasonable range, the Chinese navy's training is also normal activities, Japan is overly concerned about the completely unnecessary."(China Military)

Some users also expressed a strong message of pride in the Chinese military, emphasized that this "Talent has a sense of security." User comments also questioned, said: Japan should think about themselves, not throughout the year and South Korea and the United States military exercises is to exercise. Why should the Chinese navy's normal training so sensitive?(China Military)

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