Korean military officers showed loyalty to Kim Jong-il, shocked the Korean Society

In Korea, the Korean system of words and actions promote a violation of South Korean "National Security Law" behavior. South Korea's military announced 30 days in the seizure, "praised the hereditary system of the DPRK," Korean community site "Online National Defense Command", the unexpectedly found that including the colonel, including more than 70 active and reserve officers to join, and even South Korean military officers Write a "loyalty oath" dedicated to Kim and Jin Zhengen. The North Korean army guard against the most important pillars of strength, and now actually broke this news to the Korean society "great shock." South Korean military top echelon of the tough, said: "pro-Korean forces infiltrated into the army, not only within the military secrets may be leaked, and there may be guns pointed at their own people, need to thoroughly investigate the roots take away."

Kim Jong-il

According to South Korean KBS TV 30 reported that South Korean military intelligence headquarters of the military the day of maintenance, "said National Defense Command line" was originally based on carrying forward the "Benefits to" the spirit of the goal to open the site in 2002, the beginning sound when a Web site, and later gradually starting in 2005 to support North Korea policy, the site up as many as 7,000 people. Last December, a moderator on the website published "praised the North Korean system and power generational change," and so the post, then South Korean prosecutors on suspicion of violating the "National Security Law" proceedings. April 20 this year, Suwon District Court sentenced the founder Hwang website 1 year and 6 months imprisonment, and close the site. Most people think that the ROK Army headquarters in the maintenance process of investigating the case found that more than 70 South Korean soldiers up to join the site. 70 people in this, there are eight officers and soldiers who had praised the North Korean regime published replies. ROK Army headquarters recently to Cheong Wa Dae maintenance reported the matter and are of all men to join the community to conduct an internal investigation.

South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" 30 days, said the investigation was focused on, including the Air Force and Army Lieutenant Lieutenant Kang Park, and 5-6 in a soldiers. Lieutenant surname Jiang Jin Zhengen wrote to his son Kim Jong Il and the "loyalty oath "---" poem dedicated to you." South Korean intelligence agency after study to determine: the title of "you" refers to Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong-il and Jin Zhengen three generations. Many people are still "loyalty oath" of the message board to leave "the country is willing to truly effect" of the message. Jiang Zhongwei in the "loyalty oath" in South Korea should be abolished, "National Security Law." Park name another lieutenant claimed the South Korean government released the "North Korean Cheonan, Department of the incident as" pure fabrication. There are a soldier in the line of inter-Korean military strength to "expert analysis" and concluded: "If the war between North and South Korea, Han Jun doomed to failure." "Chosun Ilbo," said the 70 soldiers, including Colonel 1, Col. 5, Major 5, 5 captain, lieutenant 5, 4, 25 lieutenant officers and nine non-commissioned officers and 36 soldiers .

30, Yonhap said Han Jun officers and men involved in this part of the defense. Most people claimed to search the North Korean news or out of curiosity to become members of the site, ROK Army Headquarters maintenance admitted to join the online community that not all active duty military officers as "enemy-benefiting" suspect. Korean Air Force said a lieutenant colonel in the survey, his name is being stolen. Others argued that the "high school teachers by an introduction to the national teacher unions, to join simply because of curiosity." Another colonel named Li in the course of the investigation said he was working in the Han Jun Joint Chiefs of Staff, in order to refute the "leftist" proposal to join the site deliberately, then that claim can only be about their response and rebuttal.

"Chosun Ilbo," said Han Jun, a senior official said: "pro-North Korea to infiltrate left-wing forces within the army, not only within the military secrets may leak, and when unexpected situations of armed conflict, it is possible to aim the gun one of us, so to thoroughly investigate the roots take away. " South Korean KBS television quoted the military headquarters of the person concerned, then maintenance, said: "With their essay posted at the forum content point of view, is still not on suspicion of violating the" National Security Law "and be punished. But Han Guojun Founder further investigation, they ever peacetime deliberate landscaping Korean system. "

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