China can use DF-21D missiles to defense Gwadar Port

PLA's DF-21C ballistic missile

According to the Japanese "diplomat" website May 31 issue of the Journal article said that last week's two things that are not related to Pakistan Navy briefly occupied the front pages of major media; these two things are the United States, "Seals" special forces on the Abbottabad (Abbottabad) as part of the aftermath of the raid. U.S. troops killed in the raid on the head of the al-Qaida - Osama bin Laden; and Taliban militants on Sunday attacked a naval flight base in Karachi, killing 13 naval personnel in Pakistan, blew up two U.S. manufacturing The P-3C "Orion" anti-submarine patrol aircraft. 

In the calm before the armed men, fierce gun battles continued into Monday. Attack on Mehran flight base operations is clearly part of the Taliban, in essence, this is an important Taliban commander audience to convey information. 

Japanese media said the article, or on Sunday, Pakistani officials announced the earthquake in the Indian Ocean region has powerful effects as an important message; message Gwadar on Pakistan's western port. Since 2002, construction of deep water in the port infrastructure, the Chinese observers have continued to comment on it. From Gwadar close to the Strait of Hormuz, starting at the Persian Gulf, and along the sea lanes. It should be noted that China provided financial support to the project. This has led to speculation that the PLA Navy will one day become the Indian Ocean port of Gwadar naval base in front, the deployment in the Indian Ocean so as to pave the way for permanent fleet. 

The article said that Pakistan announced the first part of the message irrelevant. Port Authority of Singapore has since 2008 been operating the container terminal management, Islamabad has been on other considerations of the arrangement, which face legal challenges last fall. 

Japanese media said the article, another part of the message is surprising; Defense Minister Chaudhry - Ahmad - Mukhtar (Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar), accompanied by Prime Minister Yousuf - Plaza - Gilani (Yousaf Raza Gilani) in mid-May a visit to China. According to reports, after returning Mukhtar said Pakistan delegation suggested that the management of Gwadar port will be handed over to a Chinese company, while construction of military facilities in the port. Mukhtar told the "Financial Times": "We have asked our brothers in the Gwadar port in China to establish a naval base." Although the action did not disclose the timetable for Mukhtar claimed that China has agreed to take over the port operations. He also said that if the Chinese government in the construction of Gwadar port as a naval base in Pakistan, Islamabad will be more grateful. His words seemed to Washington noted that attacks in the Pakistani-US relations worsened after 因阿伯塔巴德, Pakistan still have other allies. 

Japanese media said the article, China has the strategic Gwadar port on the motivation, linking Pakistan and China, the western coast of the ground line will ease the plight of China's Malacca, allowing oil and gas supply to bypass the Malacca Strait. China expressed some opposition, there may be major concerns about the U.S. Navy. U.S. Navy warships to China could be long-distance blockade, disrupting its energy transport, as the action in the Taiwan Strait to China, or in other unexpected events in Sino-US confrontation asymmetric response. Open up new supply routes to Beijing makes sense, this investment to enhance the diversification of energy security, which is not in dispute. However, as Robert - Kaplan pointed out, such a pipeline will now lag behind the West, it is very unsafe. Neighboring province of Baluchistan is a rampant rebel armed groups nest; a pipeline will cause its wanton destruction of rebel forces. Cut off oil supply to China-Pakistan relations will be the destruction of a good method, but also to indirect pressure on Islamabad. In short, South and Central Asia makes the poor security situation has become uncertain fate of the project pipeline. 

Japanese media said the article, more complex question is whether Beijing will build naval base. Indeed, this is the key to the Gwadar port where the controversy. Since 2005, the China intends to build in the Indian Ocean "string of pearls", or cutting-edge naval base has been constantly rumored network. People who hold this view conclude that the development of commercial ports in South China (such as Sri Lanka, Hong Kong Chinese and care classes, Chittagong in Bangladesh and Gwadar), on behalf of such networks has begun. Indeed, Beijing will almost certainly have signed the agreement, the construction of these ports to have negotiations with these countries; to ensure that the PLA Navy to use the port, China will certainly support such a consideration. However, that does not mean full base at your fingertips. Supplies in foreign ports is one thing, building the facilities to the fleet stationed is another matter; almost all of the port can meet their basic needs. 

Bradley - Fiske (Bradley Fiske), wrote in the First World War, fueled equipment, and supplies to the U.S. fleet sailing from their bases in some freed. Fiske that greatly improved the supply ships sailing on the demand for base maintenance. Such services include a key factor in energy reserves; a naval base to be worthy of its name, only to have terminal also has a channel, just as the Gwadar port and other ports in the Indian Ocean, China has been funded with the same. However, lack of maintenance facilities, ammunition and fuel repository, or even better, be able to ship out of the water and the dry dock ship repair. 

Japanese media article said that Gwadar Port would like Mukhtar put it into real naval base? If so, a naval base in the PLA Navy can give what kind of benefits? Alfred Fiske is a contemporary - Race Yeah - Mahan (AlfredThayer Mahan), the authority of this problem. Mahan is likely to raise doubts about the value of the port, except Pakistan and China, some major improvements. Mahan criteria to evaluate the future by three bases, namely, the location, strength and resources. Gwadar port near the Strait of Hormuz, has great strategic value. Strength of the defense, is another question. As resources to sustain themselves and that a port visit to the ability of warships. From Google Earth, the Gwadar Port, the port is a narrow peninsula extending into the Arabian Sea; seems to easily become the target of cruise missiles and air strikes. It is reported that Indian military officials said, from a distance close to the goal against the confidence. 

Although Beijing built Gwadar port on the forward base there is concern the nature and scope of construction activities to the observers a measure of the Chinese navy in the Indian Ocean ambitious tool. Similarly, improving the strength and resources of the port in terms of the need for extensive defects in the workshop, ammunition and fuel depot building to compensate for their vulnerability to the need to prevent sea and air combat. 

Beijing, CSS-5 (DF-21) anti-ship missile has reached initial operational capability, the system is exposed to the Gwadar port and the other seems to be the ideal location and easy transportation of the defense. The Pentagon in the annual "China Military Power Report" mentioned, once the combat capability of the system is fully formed, anti-ballistic missile system covers the region from China's western border extended to the northern Arabian Sea. Similarly, outside observers should be noted that prevention and control of Beijing to deploy mobile missile launchers to defend against the United States and India, the air force and other possible rivals. And this will be far beyond the ability to enhance the power of the Gwadar port, which advocates reduced Mahan future attacks against the resistance.

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