Russian President: Support for Pakistan to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

The emblem of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization 

Global Network reporter Zhong Weidong, according to Russian news agency reported on May 12 news, Russian President De Meide Medvedev in the Kremlin with President Zardari of Pakistan signed a joint statement after the meeting, the joint statement said that Pakistan welcomes Russia to participate in the activities of the SCO and to support Pakistan's willingness to join the SCO. 

Statement that "Russia welcomes the activities of Pakistan's participation in the SCO, and reiterated in the joint consent of all Member States, Russia and Pakistan joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to support the will." 

In a statement, the two presidents also proposed, endorsed the development of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and Tajikistan Quartet dialogue. The two sides reiterated that the SCO and in close cooperation, wish to further strengthen cooperation within the framework of the Quartet. 

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