7th Fleet: X-47B will become the trump card to counter Chinese anti-ship missile

5 U.S. Navy announced a new type of X-47B unmanned test flight for the first time 4. This new-type unmanned aerial vehicle flight 29 minutes, the maximum altitude of 1500 meters. The aircraft took off from the aircraft carrier. 

Cork, the U.S. Seventh Fleet Commander Booth Associated Press recently revealed that the development of the U.S. military-type sea-based X-47B unmanned bomber fleet will be the "killer." 

Earlier this year, the drone successful maiden flight, the future will do more test activities. The Pentagon said the aircraft eventually landing on an aircraft carrier, and will improve the combat effectiveness of U.S. military aviation. 

Currently, the U.S. military equipment, a large number of land-based unmanned aircraft, and into the battlefield in Afghanistan and Iraq military action. In the future, the U.S. Navy stationed in East Asia the new aircraft carrier will also begin unmanned aircraft equipped to curb the growing potential adversaries military strength, and increase the combat radius of the U.S. military, surveillance and rapid response capability. The front of the U.S. carrier aircraft combat radius of only 900 km. 

Resident in the U.S. Seventh Fleet, Yokosuka, Japan. The fleet is equipped with "George • Washington" aircraft carrier battle group, including 60 types of warships and about 40,000 sailors and marines members. It is reported that nearly a combat radius of 3,000 km of X-47B unmanned aircraft type in the U.S. on the landing of any aircraft carrier, and in the air, 50 to 100 hours of combat missions, in order to avoid enemy anti-ship missile into the aircraft carrier (range of about 1,500 kilometers) of the target. 

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